What to Wear When You Don’t Know What to Wear

Ever stand in your closet just staring? 

I’ve been there, many times. Today I’m here to help with 5 easy outfit formulas using what is in your closet to solve life’s biggest mystery – what to wear when you don’t know what to wear. These all have one thing in common – jeans! Our favorite wardrobe staple, which I am going to share 5 easy outfit that it’s simple and still style with you. I hope it is helpful! Pin it or save it wherever you can find it for the next time you have the big closet dilemma. I would call this is spring edition.

曾經站在你的壁櫥裡凝視著嗎? 我有過很多次。 所以今天,我在這里為你提供5種簡單的服裝配方,幫助你使用壁櫥裡的東西解決生活中最大的謎團-不知道穿什麼衣服時穿什麼。 這些都有一個共同點-牛仔褲! 我們最喜歡的衣櫥必備品,我將與您分享5件簡單而又時尚的休閒裝。 希望對您有所幫助! 固定它或將其保存在下一次遇到較大壁櫥困境的地方。 我稱之為春季版。

1. basically with T-shirt

follow the rule of accessories.

I surely everyone will wearing T-shirt with jeans when they don’t know what to wear, so am I. But there is one thing I want to say that you have to follow the rule of accessories, especially it’s a simple outfit. Such like you can using belt, earrings and necklace etc.

我肯定每個人在不知道穿什麼衣服時都會穿T恤和牛仔褲,我也是。但是我想說的一件事是,你必須遵循配飾規則,尤其是一件簡單的衣服。 就像您可以使用皮帶,耳環和項鍊等。

Vintage high-waist jeans

2. don't forget the leather jacket.

Layer a leather Jacket Over a Basic Tee – Always Looks Cool!

A leather jacket of some kind is always something I reach for when I can’t decide on an outfit yet want or need to look cool and put together. Above I am basically wearing a t-shirt and jeans in both of these looks. Somehow though neither feels this way.

當我無法決定衣服是否想要或需要看起來很酷並組合在一起時,我總是會穿皮夾克。 在上面,我基本上都穿著這兩種外觀的T恤和牛仔褲。 無論如何,雖然兩者都沒有這種感覺。

Outfit : The ultimate black leather jacket.

3. any cardigan with T-shire

create an endless amount of outfits.

It seems like all fall and spring long I basically wear different t-shirts under different cardigans with different shoes and create an endless amount of outfits. Seriously, when you think of striped shirts, white, black, and grey along then switch the cardigans, the possibilities are endless!

似乎在整個秋季和春季,我基本上都穿著不同的T恤衫,穿著不同的羊毛衫,穿著不同的鞋子,創造出無窮無盡的服裝。 認真地講,當您想到白色,黑色和灰色的條紋襯衫然後換開羊毛衫時,可能性是無限的!

Outfit : cardigan of french style cardigan

4. all black is always the best choice

All black is always classic.

All black will always be a good idea in my opinion! You can do casual with a t-shirt and jeans or dress it up with a blouse and heels. However, you also can wearing all black in 80’s style, that all black is always classic.

我認為,全黑永遠是一個好主意! 你可以搭配T恤和牛仔褲休閒,也可以搭配上衣和高跟鞋打扮。 然而,你也可以穿80年代風格的全黑,因為全黑始終是經典之作。

outfit : all black 80s style

5. shirt is one of the best style with jeans.

so many combinations

Basic or with an extra detail, we all love our Shirt in the spring. Mine get so many wears and in so many combinations. In a rut? Just grab your favorite one, add different shoes, different color jeans than what you wore with it last time, and a scarf. I guarantee no one will notice.

基本或帶有其他細節,我們所有人都在春天喜歡我們的襯衫。 我的搭配襯衫的組合也很多。 只需抓住你最喜歡的衣服,添加與你上次穿著不同的鞋子,不同顏色的牛仔褲和一條圍巾即可。 我保證沒有人會注意到。

Outfit : You should try 90s fashion

White Shirt with Blue Jeans


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