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why is Rhinestone and glitter such a big fashion trend this year?

It’s the word of the moment. For better or for worse, people are looking towards the past for comfort, for entertainment, and for inspiration. And as a result, nostalgia’s influence can be felt across every industry – food, fiction, and of course, fashion, which big bling energy is a big deal trend in designer fashion for 2022. including rhinestone and glitter jackets, tops, tees, sunglasses, and more

這是當下。 無論好壞,人們都在回顧過去以尋求舒適、娛樂和靈感。 因此,每個行業都可以感受到懷舊的影響— 食品、小說,當然還有時尚,這種閃亮的能量是 2022 年設計師時尚的一大趨勢。包括水鑽和閃光夾克、上衣、T 卹、太陽鏡等等。

How did I dressing up:

According to the glitter element, I wearing the glitter turtleneck top to match the knitted skirt, which I chose different material that keep my look is simple. If I wearing all glitter material, will makes me feel like I am going to a party. However, the skirt is a split design, which split skirt is the best way to show just the right amount of skin, it is chic and modern, and the peek-a-boo glances of legs underneath give a hint of sexiness for season. As you may know I’m a flat addict, which I wearing the booties to match the split skirt. If you’re refer to my look, you also can chose the heels.

In the end, I chose a silver glitter bag to makes my outfit to fit the glitter style.


根據閃粉元素,我穿了閃粉高領上衣來搭配針織裙,選擇了不同的材質,讓造型看起來很簡單。 如果我穿著所有閃光材料,會讓我覺得我要去參加派對。 不過裙子是開叉的設計,開叉的裙子最能顯露肌膚的恰到好處,時髦又不失摩登感,下身露出的小腿也多了幾分當季的性感。 你可能知道我是一個平底鞋迷,我穿著短靴來搭配開叉裙。 如果你參考我的造型,你也可以選擇高跟鞋。

最後,我選擇了一個銀色的亮包,來讓我的穿搭符合bling bling的風格

Plus, according to temperatures between day and night vary tremendously, which do not forget the outerwear. So I’m wearing a dark blue coat with brooch that I make my looks is different.

另外,根據白天和夜晚之間的溫度差異很大,不要忘記外衣。 所以我穿了一件深藍色的外套,然後別上胸針,讓我看起來與眾不同。


Sunglasses : Celine

Top  : H&M 

Bag:Uber Outfitters



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