Outfit : crop top suit

Outfit / office style : crop top suit

Have you worked out how to wear a crop top yet? The shrunken style has been going strong for many a summer season, actually it’s not only in summer, but also in fall and winter. However, there are still girls out there who understandably feel anxious over the rumoured pitfalls, which abs of steel are an essential prerequisite for styling out. Literally that’s not true, which you still can wear crop top, even you don’t have abs, just like me.

Outfit : Autumn is coming.

Outfit : Autumn is coming.

Are you ready to say goodbye with bathing suits and hello to long sleeve? If you have read my article before, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with winter, which I’m so happy that autumn is coming. Although, if you’re not fully ready to commit to long clothes or you’re not ready to put away your summer staples yet, then don’t sweat it. This year fall outfits include all of the best cozy pieces, like sweatpants etc. Even some of your fave, warm-weather clothes, like your go-to jean shorts or short-sleeve tees, are included. And now I want to share this outfit with you that it’s absolutely can wear it in autumn.


Outfit : fashion in suit

Suits are no longer just for men anymore. Today, suits are becoming more and more popular with women which is why it should come as no surprise to you to see more of these in a workplace dominated by the ladies. However, the suit is not just for the office, at least not to the fashionista. The suit is a piece that you can wear just about anywhere.