5 ways to embrace spring

5 ways to embrace spring

In western culture, they often put all our energy into creating a fresher, cleaner version of themselves in January after they had a wonderful Christmas. But in Asia, we have Lunar New Year that it’s biggest holiday, which spring is followed by Lunar New Year in Taiwan. From a logical new year perspective, it does make sense, which there is something to be said for the days roll into spring. We start to notice the evening sky is brighter, our mind start to reawaken like a budding Cherry blossoms.

You have to learn 10 things in your 20s

You have to learn 10 things in your 20s

I believe everyone have been through lots of things in 2020, which we still fight with the Covid-19 now and my 2020 also been through many things, which I don’t even know that one day I have to face it. If you want me to describe my 2020 in one word, I would say ”Tough”, but better than 2017, for my 2017 was the first year I was totally unprecedented down in the dumps, which all I can say is you actually couldn’t image what happened on me in that year, that my age only 23.


5 things To Build the Most Enjoyable Relationships

When it comes to dating or being in a relationship, it takes a certain amount of acceptance towards your partner, and when it comes to things that you can’t change. You can’t expect to have a perfect relationship or even a perfect partner for that matter, as I said on the top, no one is perfect. Relationships involve a certain amount of give and take, and there will many things that you need to accept. That’s why it’s important to figure out whether or not you and your partner are truly the right match for one another and whether or not you can accept certain things.


The reason why I create the MsAmanda 0 to 1 blog.

The reason why this blog was created is that my team leader gave me advice, which he let me start recording from nothing in my way of investment and financial management and I also hope that this blog can give some directions to people who is in their 20s just like me, so that we can learn how to investment and financial management, even we’re not a person with financial background.


10 ways of how to live like a french women of elegance.

What do you think of beauty?

In my opinion, the true intellectual beauty is not only established by appearance, but it’s from the heart. What do you think of when it talk about French women? I guess, you probably will say ”they are elegant and they have their own beauty.” Actually, french women have always given people a calm and elegant attitude towards life, no matter how old is she, which they can always show their attraction as an intellectual woman. I think there are 10 rules that makes them so relaxed and elegant.


10 tips for being your way of a Parisian.

Paris, The City of Light is known as the fashion capital, the home of couture and in general, all things charming. Have you always relished the idea of living in Paris? Then, you’ll want to dive in deeper into all aspects of the iconic Parisian state of mind. If you also feel like Parisians are always elegant and in style, you’re not mistaken. If you’re captivated by their fashion sense, their chic manners and effortless sophistication, just keep on reading.

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The 365 Challenge booklet – I can dressing well without any new clothes.

Speaking to fashion, what will pop into your head first? You probably will think about clothes, runway, magazine etc. But do you know fashion is the second largest polluting industry in the world?  The problem is not the desire that you want to buy a clothe, but the rapid waste. Why I said fashion is the rapid waste? Before I answer it, I wanna ask you a question, which is how many times that you wear your same clothe? or how many clothes that you just wear it one time? I believe every girl have answers in their mind, once she clean-out her wardrobe.