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The 365 Challenge booklet – I can dressing well without any new clothes.

A challenge for me.

Do not waste

Speaking to fashion, what will pop into your head first? You probably will think about clothes, runway, magazine etc. But do you know fashion is the second largest polluting industry in the world?  The problem is not the desire that you want to buy a clothe, but the rapid waste. Why I said fashion is the rapid waste? Before I answer it, I wanna ask you a question, which is how many times that you wear your same clothe? or how many clothes that you just wear it one time? I believe every girl have answers in their mind, once she clean-out her wardrobe.

There is always a magic in the closet, which makes every girl think, “Why do I have so few clothes?” Even if she looks at the overflowing closet, she can say the same thing. Or I need to say every clothes have magic to get attention to every girls, seems like the clothes tell every girl ”get me into your wardrobe.” That’s why the most of girl will get a stuff from the clothe shop after the shopping time. Even that clothe have the same style or the same design in their wardrobe, they just think this one is unique, so I have to have it without any reason.

Therefore , I think the rejection of mass consumption of fast fashion, and learning to take good care of clothing is a big step to success.

說到時尚,你腦中第一個會想起什麼?你可能會會想起衣服,伸展台,雜誌等。但是你知道時尚是世界第二大污染行業嗎?問題不在於你想要購買衣服的慾望,而是你會快速的浪費。為什麼我說時尚是快速浪費?在我回答之前,我想先問你一個問題:你穿一件衣服會穿多少次?或者 你有多少衣服只穿了一次?我相信每個女孩一旦清理完衣櫥,心中都會有答案。




A lover of travel and dress

To be honest, I am the person who love to dress up myself, and love clothes so much. So I used to spend a lot of money to buy every clothes that I like, in the end, my wardrobe is not enough to put my clothes in. I remember that time my mom was cleaned-out her wardrobe and throw out lots of clothes that she don’t want it any more. Oh! She also gave me a rainbow top lol. you can see that outfit in this article. Outfit : colorful day of 70th style The same day I also clean-out my closet too. However, I keep thinking about one question, which is Why I spend this price to buy this clothe and just wear one time? 

As you know I am the person who love to dress up, so I will match every outfits and put into my suitcase before going abroad. But I don’t wanna take heavy luggage to travel, especially sometime I wanna be a backpacker, which I just take a strategy of few clothes to match different style outfit. After I found out this strategy, I think I don’t need to buy so many clothes that I still can wear different style of outfit.

Therefore, I gonna take a challenge that I did’t try it before, which is I’m not going to buy any clothe in 2020. And I can focus on my service for you, that is you can ask me how to match your the clothes in your wardrobe, once you don’t know how to match it. The service you can see in here. 


老實說,我是一個喜歡穿搭的人。所以我過去常常花很多錢買我喜歡的衣服,甚至到最後,我的衣櫥不足以再放入我的衣服。我記得那一次我媽媽清理了她的衣櫥,扔掉他不想要的衣服。哦!她還給了我一個七彩的上衣呢!笑。您可以在本文中看到該服裝。Outfit : colorful day of 70th style。同一天我也清理了壁櫥。然而,我一直思考著一個問題,那就是:為什麼我會花這個價格來購買這件衣服還只穿一次?



It doesn’t matter how many clothes you have, but how many ideas you have

I want to tell everyone that even if you do n’t buy a shirt for a year, you can still dress well. Your wardrobe already has enough clothes, but I know that everyone will not listen at all, so it ’s better to take action by myself and make this industry more active.

In this materially rich age, “satisfaction” is not everyone can do, and “desire” is not can be eliminated overnight. After two months of implementation, I just found that as long as you have confident, you will not care about others thinking, which made me deeply understand the principle of ”you wearing clothes instead of clothes wearing you ” 

It doesn’t matter what you wear. What’s more important is what kind of person you are. We will judge others by clothing, but in the end, your personality can cover everything.


我想告訴大家,即使你一年不買衣服,你仍然可以穿得很好看。 我相信你的衣櫃裡已經有足夠的衣服了,但我知道每個人都不會聽,所以最好的方式是我自己採取行動並使這個行業更加活躍。

在這個物質豐富的時代,並不是每個人都能做到“滿意”,而“慾望”也不是一夜之間就能消除的。 經過兩個月的實施,我才發現,只要你有信心,你根本就不在乎別人的想法,這讓我更深刻理解了“人著衫而非衫著人”的原則。

其實穿什麼都沒關係, 更重要的是你是什麼樣的人。 我們通常都是透過服裝來判斷其他人的人格,但最終,個性會取代一切。


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