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Outfit : All white style in Summer.

Outfit : All white style in Summer.

When it comes to creating a chic and statement-making look, an all-white ensemble is a perfect option. Taking minimal to the maximum in the best of ways, head-to-toe white is a simultaneously understated and bold style. As such, it can suit almost any occasion, including formal and casual events. 

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[ Attraction ] 9 spots in Bussels.

[ Attraction ] Top 10 spots in Bussels.

Brussels’, French is Bruxelles which is the capital of Belgium, also known as the European Capital, for it is the location of the European Union headquarters.

They said, Brussels is the most boring city in Europe, which don’t expect Brussels that you will have an excellent experience in there, also you only need to spend in half a day to visit it; however I don’t think so. 

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[ Skin ] From bad to good. Part.2 – Skincare prodcuts

[ Skin ] From bad to good. Part.2 – my skin care procedure.


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Outfit : remember the rules of french style.

According to this article that I wrote about the 5 french style rules of women, which you should know what are points to make the french style. In this outfit I want to tell you is you have to pay attention on the fit. 

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5 French Style Rules for Women Everywhere

I think you already know some tips of french style; however, now if you want to know the secret to dressing your best every day, then you still need to take a hint from the French. It seems like every woman in Paris is so effortlessly elegant, even if her outfit is nothing special. Why is that? Well, french women are not slavish trend followers, they have an envible sense of style that transcends fashion. As you have known five rules of style as a french women, then you should know there are a few unwritten style rules when it comes to dressing in France. And now I am going to tell you those rules.

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You reader, are probably a bit like me in some way, shape or form. And we are in it together. Because my blog is about realities. It’s about expectations we can all meet and be a part of.

And I hope you stick around awhile. Because while I’m sure we have plenty in common, there is so much that makes you, you. I really want to hear about that. Tell me about yourself in the comments of my posts. How things relate to you. Or maybe they don’t relate – and that’s cool – tell me why! I am working on building this blog into something completely new for me.


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