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Outfit : elegance in summer.

Creating classy outfits is about putting together crucial elements and making sure your style and confidence also shines through. However, you might be wanna know how to wearing the elegant style in summer, which I am going to share this outfit with you.

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Ways to wear the white shoes.

White sneakers are one of the most versatile types of shoes you’ll ever own, which there are staples you must go with for the all seasons. The white shoes is my favorite that you can see so many different white sneakers in my shoe cabinet, also you can saw the white shoes in many of my outfits. Therefore today I want to share some of tips to wear the white shoes.

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3 best inspirational movie.

Positive is know the world is not perfect that you still keep the positive way to living in life, rather than believe that world is good. Today I want to share three movie that I think it’s good for you, which you can rethink your life.

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Ms Amanda is Me


You reader, are probably a bit like me in some way, shape or form. And we are in it together. Because my blog is about realities. It’s about expectations we can all meet and be a part of.

And I hope you stick around awhile. Because while I’m sure we have plenty in common, there is so much that makes you, you. I really want to hear about that. Tell me about yourself in the comments of my posts. How things relate to you. Or maybe they don’t relate – and that’s cool – tell me why! I am working on building this blog into something completely new for me.


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