being your unique



Whether you’re looking to dress to impress for a particular event or to bring something fresh to the mirror each morning, your personal styling session with Amanda will ensure that you get the most out of your existing wardrobe along with the items that you want to wear with to build on it. We understand that no two people are alike and thus offer the best of a wide variety services all at an affordable cost.

無論您是想出席某個特定活動,還是每天早上給鏡子帶來新鮮感,與Amanda進行的個人造型會議都可以確保,您能充分利用現有衣服以及想要的物品搭配使用。 我們知道,沒有兩個人是一樣的,因此我們能為您提供最好的服務。



Style is a way to tell others who you are without language. As CO CO CHANEL said, the trend will always disappear, but the style will not. Therefore, As a creative director of Émffei, the purpose is hope everyone who loves fashion can wear some of our products to wear and match other items over and over again! We hope you can create your own style with Émffei.

風格是一種告訴別人你沒有語言的人的方式。 正如 CO CO CHANEL 所說,趨勢將永遠消失,但風格不會消失。 因此,作為Émffei的創意總監,我們的目標是希望每個熱愛時尚的人都能穿著我們的某些產品來穿搭並與其他物品反复搭配! 我們希望您可以使用Émffei創建自己的風格。


outfit services of Amanda​

  1. you can take free trial in 7 days
  2. you will clearly know your body type and how to wear of your body shape.
  3. you can choose one month / three months.
  4. you can ask any question when you don’t know how to match your outfit.
  5. If you don’t know how to wear when you need to attend some special date / meeting / party, Amanda will give you some advice.
  1. 您可以在7天內免費試用
  2. 您將清楚地知道自己的體型以及如何穿戴自己的體形。
  3. 您可以選擇一個月/三個月。
  4. 當您不知道如何搭配您的衣服時,您可以提出任何問題。
  5. 如果您在需要參加一些特別的約會/會議/聚會時不知道穿什麼衣服,Amanda會為您提供一些建議。