5 Easy ways will make your Down Coat Look chic

With temperatures dipping daily, it’s time to face the cold, hard truth: most of our cute outerwear options just aren’t cutting it anymore, and we should probably break out our warmest puffer coat.

If shrugging on this bulky layer, it may let you look like a bear. As far as coats go, this one tends to be more practical than fashion-forward. However, there are plenty of ways to spruce up a puffer, ensuring it doesn’t take away from your overall outfit and looks cute instead. All you need is a bit of style inspiration.


如果在這個笨重的羽絨衣上聳聳肩,它可能會讓你看起來像一隻熊。 但其實就外套而言,這件往往比時尚前衛更實用。 然而,有很多方法可以修飾羽絨服,確保它不會影響你的整體裝扮,反而看起來很棒,你所需要的只是一點風格靈感。

1. With leather leggings

Down coats and slim-fitting bottoms are a match made in heaven. It’s the most simple combination, but depending on which pieces you choose, there’s potential to keep it casual or make things more dressed up, which you can choose the leather leggings that makes your style more chic.

羽絨服和修身褲是天作之合。 這是最簡單的組合,但根據選擇的單品,有可能保持休閒或讓整體更正式!你可以選擇皮革打底褲,讓你的風格更加別緻。

2. with high waist pants

When in doubt, the simple ensemble that works is definitely a cropped puffer jacket. A cropped down coat and high waist pants are a good match, which is perfect for elevating your look of proportions, although I can’t promise it’ll be the warmest winter look.


3. with different color of scarf

A simple black down coat is one that will never go out of style, and has the ability to stay in your rotation for years. Style your own version with an all-black outfit to create a sleek and classic look. Should you be craving a colorful pop, a different color scarf will do the trick.

一件簡單的黑色羽絨服是永遠不會過時的款式,並且能夠在你的輪換中保持多年。 用全黑套裝打造你自己的版本,營造出時尚經典的外觀。 如果你渴望色彩繽紛,用一條不同顏色的圍巾就可以了。

with a checkered scarf

Another way to makes your look amazing is throw on a checkered scarf, which is one of my favorite way, also can keep you more warm against those winter winds.


Plus, with appropriate extras

Even if your puffer coat is somewhat simple, a quick way to enhance your look is with winter accessories. Throw on a neon beanie, or even a fuzzy muppet hat, all of which have the ability to make a statement and will help incorporate personal style.

即使你的羽絨服有些簡單,冬季配飾是提升造型的快速方法。 戴上霓虹毛線帽,甚至是毛茸茸的木偶帽,所有這些都能夠彰顯個性,並有助於融入個人風格。

If sometime you forget to wear fuzzy muppet hat, you can using your scarf as a hat to keep you warm and make a statement of your personal style at the same time!


4. Coordinate Your Shoes

If you don’t feel like coordinating your puffer coat with your outfit or accessories, another way to pull a look together is by matching your down coat with your shoes. Remember to keep it simple inside because of the overall consistency of color

如果你不喜歡將羽絨服與服裝或配飾搭配,另一種打造整體造型的方法是羽絨服和鞋子搭配。 由於顏色的整體一致性,請記住在內部保持簡單

make some different

I believe many of you guys to keep the rule of style is less is more, which you probably will chose the black one to keep it simple, at least me. If you want to make your outfit interesting, you can coordinate color with your hat and gloves!

我相信你們中的許多人都遵循少即是多的風格規則,你可能會選擇黑色以保持簡單,至少我是這樣。 如果你想讓你的穿搭變得有趣,你可以用帽子和手套來搭配顏色!

5. Show Off Your Sweatshirt

A cool and casual way to wear your down coat? With an oversized sweatshirt, letting the hood peek out up top. This look works for a variety of occasions, whether you’re headed to brunch or the gym. If the extra element will add a bit of interest, it’s perfect throw-on-and-go look.

穿你的羽絨服的方式很酷很隨意嗎? 搭配超大號運動衫,讓兜帽從頂部露出來。 這種造型適用於各種場合,無論你是去吃早午餐還是去健身房。 如果額外的元素會增加一點趣味,那麼它就是完美的即穿即走外觀。

When it comes to staying toasty, a puffer jacket really is key, and it can be worn in so many ways. With a puffer, you’ll never have to sacrifice warmth for style, it’s simply a case of finding the one that suits your style the best. I hope I’ve provided you with some serious inspo with these outfits.

說到保持溫暖,羽絨服真的很關鍵,它可以有多種穿法。 有了羽絨服,你永遠不必再為了款式而犧牲保暖性,只需找到最適合你款式的那款即可。 我希望我已經為你提供了一些關於搭配羽絨衣的靈感!

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