Graphene leggings style

Graphene leggings style

Take out your leggings from your closet. 

Like me, you probably have a stack of leggings in your closet waiting to be paired with the rest of your wardrobe in fresh ways. That’s where legging-loving celebrities and models come in. Comfort has undoubtedly been a priority over the last couple of years, as seen in the outfits of It girls everywhere, which will surely provide plenty of inspiration for wearing leggings in the future. However, I hope this outfit may give you some inspiration of leggings style.

Old School Cool

I keep it casual by styling my leggings with a cropped Top T-shirt, Burberry trench, a Chanel bag and a pair of clunky sneakers. Have you noticed that I wear gray ankle socks? I specially choose the gray ankle socks, although this black pants are high-waisted, which can make the leg to be longer, modifying the leg shape by different color’s gray ankle socks.

像我一樣,你的衣櫥裡可能有一堆緊身褲等著以新鮮的方式與衣櫥的其餘部分搭配。 這就是喜歡打底褲的名人和模特的用武之地。舒適無疑是過去幾年的重中之重,從各地 IT 女孩的服裝中可以看出,這肯定會為未來穿打底褲提供充足的靈感。 不過,我希望這件衣服能給你一些緊身褲風格的靈感

我用短款上衣、Burberry 風衣、香奈兒包和一雙笨重的運動鞋設計我的緊身褲,以保持休閒。 你有沒有註意到我穿了灰色的及踝襪?我特意選擇了灰色的及踝襪,雖然這條黑色的褲子是高腰的,可以讓腿更長,通過不同顏色的灰色踝襪修飾腿型。

Graphene leggings

If you have read the Previous article, you may know the knowledge of graphene. I have to say I really love this pants, which I almost wear it everyday. lol

Go check it out of graphene.

Go buy it


Sunglasses : Dior

Trench  : Burberry

Top :  Émffei

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