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KB café in paris

Speaking of Paris, I believe the Eiffel Tower will pop into your head first. But don’t forget to an open-air cafe to sit, rest and enjoy your time, just like every parisian did.


Today I came to the 9th district for enjoy the afternoon time that is near Montmartre in the 18th district. Montmartre is a famous red light district in Paris, which has sex shops and erotic museums. I suggest that if you are a female, do not come here alone at night, and leave there as soon as possible.

However, Its also a famous area in Paris, because of its reputation as a movie of Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain, which there are many attractions, such as Basilique du Sacré-Cœur Sacred Heart, Le mur des je t’aime Wall of Love and Moulin rouge etc. I will share some hot spots in Montmartre with you. 

The 9 district is located in the middle of the Montmartre and the Opera. There are not many tourists will come here, also don’t have many introduces in travel guidebooks. In fact, this area is one of my favorite district. It has a quiet village atmosphere and good living functions. Simply put, it’s a perfect daily life street in Paris, there are Carrefour, bakery, dessert shop, fruit shop and cáfe, etc.



Basilique du Sacré-Cœur 聖心堂

Le mur des je t’aime 愛之牆

Moulin rouge 紅魔坊 等等…



It is said that the French have selected the ten best coffee shops in Paris. However, the standard is that have good coffee beans with high quality and homemade food or dessert. And the KB Café is one of them!

​據說法國人有挑選出在巴黎最好的十家咖啡廳。標準是:咖啡豆子好、咖啡質量好的咖啡廳、自製的新鮮食品。然而, KBcafé 就是其中一家!

Once you entering the KB cafe, you can have full view of their workbench. And below the workbench, there are fresh fruits and vegetables.

一踏進KB cafe 可以看見他們一覽無遺的工作台。而下方正放著新鮮蔬果

The KB Café’s specialty is coffee, which the coffee roasted by professionals.
A cup of espresso costs 2.5 Euros, fresh juice is about 5.5 Euros, and various pastries cost 4 Euros to 8 Euros.

KBcafé 的特色是咖啡,且因由專業人士烘焙的咖啡,而備受矚目

一杯濃縮咖啡價格為 2.5 歐,新鮮果汁約 5.5 歐,各種糕點的價格為4歐元至8歐元。

I ordered a glass of juice and a pound cake. The reason that I didn’t ordered a coffee is I don’t have mood to drink it, I just wanna drink a little bit sweet juice. lol

The juice is wonderful that is made from real fruits, and the pound cake is a texture which I really like it. The most important is the pound cake is not too sweet. If you are the person who are not like too sweet cake, then this one is perfect for you.



Inside, There are not many sits. I just find out that the most of Parisians are not stay too long in cafe. Usually they will order a cup of coffee, chat with friends or read a book for a short stay. In contrast, the most of Taiwanese would love to stay at cafe for long time, they probably will chat with friends or using their laptop for 3 or 4 hours.

I have to say french is very enjoy their life, whether they are accompanied by friends or not, they always have a good afternoon by themselves.




Even if they just order an espresso and sit outside in the sunshine, it ’s a leisurely time for them. If you want to observe the daily life of Parisians when you visiting Paris, I recommend that you can come to KB Cafe for coffee and enjoy a leisurely afternoon!


如果你到巴黎旅遊時,希望觀察巴黎人的日常生活,那我很推薦來 KB Cafe 喝咖啡,享受一下悠閒的午後吧!


*Telephone : 01 56 92 12 41

*Address : 62 Rue Des Martyr, 75009, Paris

*Hours : Monday – Friday 09:00 ~ 19:00

                 Saturday-Sunday  10:00~19:00

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