5 way that successful business person set their new goals of 2020.

Have you set your new goals of 2020?

I believe so many people will set some goals for the new year. But the most of them have some problem, which is the goals are not easy to achieve or they maybe just saying, not really want it to be real. What am I saying is those goals are not realistic, which means you have to know those goals have chances to make it real.

It is one thing to set an ambitious goal and quite another to figure out a process that when followed would lead to results, which means you need to find your strategy. Some article teachs goal setting, yet few people actually achieve the goals they set out to achieve.

Let me ask you first. Is that real what you want or is it something you thing you should want because it’s socially acceptable to want it? You probably think you’ll look stupid if your goal isn’t matching some standard dictated by an outside influence. But trust me, once you figure out what you really want it , then all you need to do is trust yourself and just do it without hesitate.

Too many of us are not sure what it is we want for ourselves, or what we want from life. We have no faith in ourselves. We don’t believe that we are capable and fully equipped to achieve that which we set our minds to achieve.

Or maybe some people will think why should I set goals? I have to say setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation . It focuses your acquisition of knowledge, and helps you to organize your time and your resources so that you can make the most of your life. Most of successful businesspeople and achievers in all fields all set goals

By setting sharp, clearly defined goals, you can measure and take pride in the achievement of those goals, and you’ll see forward progress in what might previously have seemed a long pointless grind. You will also raise your self-confidence , as you recognize your own ability and competence in achieving the goals that you’ve set.








5 key points of setting goals.

I think that everyone knows and understand that goals need to be S.M.A.R.T – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Having this knowledge alone is not enough. Therefore, I’m going to share you 5 key points of setting goals.

First, a clear objective

In my opinion, the importance of clear objectives can be understood with one simple fact that our mind only works till the point, it is clear about. However, if you not set the clear goals that is the reason why you are an underrated for not getting success in your life, career, and business

Second, Goals are feasible

When many people make plans, they usually put too many requirements to themselves. Once they found out they could not be done, most of them would give up completely. Which we can see with vivid details and feel every part of it when you setting goals. If we cannot visualize our goal, then this is not clear enough. There is a need to still refine it

I suggest you pick a feasible but difficult one, especially for the first time. People always need to rely on a little positive sense of accomplishment and slowly build self-confidence.

Psychologist Chris Hart says most people set goals they can’t reach, not even an annual plan. Therefore, the goals of the annual plan must be controllable, practical, realistic and positive. The secret of success is to focus on one thing.

Many people don’t achieve their goals is not because they don’t work hard enough, but their initial goals go wrong.

Third, Plan specific

Probably some people don’t know what’s different between feasible and specific. Goals are feasible means you know those goals can be achieved by step to step. However, be as specific is means you have to set a plan or strategy to get your goals done.

For example, don’t set the goal of “do more good things”, which is not specific enough or measurable. Instead, go to the elderly home as a volunteer once a month. If you are losing weight, you have to be specific about how much weight you want to lose and how long it takes.

Timothy Pitcher, a professor of psychology at Calden University in Canada, believes that the New Year plan is a “cultural procrastination” and an attempt to reinvent yourself. People make plans to inspire themselves. But people are often not ready to change their habits, especially those that are bad, which is why the annual plan failure rate is high.

What am I saying is if we do not have a timeframe defined for our goals we are not going to achieve them. Without having a time frame, things never take priorities instead, other non-important but urgent things take higher priorities all the time.

Fourth, plan carefully

We often choose to do urgent things first, such as having an exam tomorrow, and we will definitely take the time to prepare instead of relying on our annual plan to urge ourselves. However, there are too many important but not urgent things in life. The annual plan must choose things that have an impact on life or are important, such as health, future, accumulated knowledge, and interpersonal growth-related plans.

Learning English or others language well is a typical example. From the perspective of life learning, learning language well is important, but there is no urgency. Especially after leaving campus, if you are not a foreign businessperson or you do not use it at work, you may be lax, which is a pity.

Fifth, Plan to stick

Changing a habit takes about 3 weeks, what is often difficult. Often people fail because they don’t wanna stick to it. “You will anxiety, confusion, loss of motivation, and self-doubt. But these are all signs of progress. If you insist, you may achieve your annual plan.”

However, I’m going to tell you how to setting the goals of your 2020 by 5 steps.








心理學家克里斯·哈特(Chris Hart)說,大多數人都設定了他們無法達到的目標,甚至沒有製定年度計劃。因此,年度計劃的目標必須是可控的,務實的,現實的和積極的。成功的秘訣是專注於一件事。





加拿大卡爾登大學,心理學教授蒂莫西·皮徹(Timothy Pitcher)認為,新年計劃是一種“文化拖延”,是對自己的改造。人們制定了激勵自己的計劃。但是人們通常不准備改變他們的習慣,尤其是那些不好的習慣,這就是為什麼年度計劃失敗率很高的原因。






改變習慣大約需要3週,這通常很困難。人們經常失敗是因為他們不想堅持下去。 “您會感到焦慮,困惑,失去動力和自我懷疑。但這一切都是進步的跡象。如果您堅持下去,您可能會實現年度計劃。”


first, think

Figure out what you really want.

Before setting goals, you have to figure out what you really want and does those things makes you happy? Such like do you love what you do in your job or do you love your career. If not, you probably need to transfer other Industries, then your new homework is find what you really want.

second, categorize

Categorize your goals to 5 Areas of Your Life for Setting Important Goals.

1. Career goals.

It is critical to make career goals that will allow you to feel successful and spend your days doing something that you’re passionate about. Because your career is one of the major components of your life that will determine whether or not you feel fulfilled at the end of the day.

2. Finance Goals

Money is not everything, but everything needs money, which you need to set financial goals in order to become financially secure. Without having these goals, you are putting yourself at risk of spending frivolously and wasting money, which can lead to hardships if you face unexpected expenses.

3. Health Goals

I think health is the most important thing in life. Because if you want to do anything, the basic condition is you need to have a good body, which means health is very important. My dad just told me, if you don’t have health, then you can’t do anything, even you have lots of money.

Having health goals will help you live a long, enjoyable life. Evaluate your current state of health in all areas, including your diet, fitness, life balance, family health history, etc. and identify the areas that could use some improvement or attention. Create goals to modify your lifestyle as needed to optimize your health.

4. Relationship Goals

It’s hard work to maintain healthy relationships. When you’re in a relationship, your goals should be mutually agreed upon with your partner. However, if you’re not currently in a relationship, the relationship that you should work on is the one with yourself. You have to love yourself first until you’re happy with the person that you are, you may be in a position to be the kind of partner that you want to be for someone else.

5. Leisure Goals of learning

When you think of your leisure time, you may automatically jump to the idea of having a great time to sit around while doing nothing. But the truth is your leisure time is a great opportunity to work on your personal development.

Identify some things you would like to learn. Your leisure time can be spent productively when you use it to gain new skills that will challenge you in some way. Having hobbies is a great way to reduce stress, explore your talents, and even bring in some extra income. So making goals in this arena is an important way to make the best use of your time in life.














Third, write done your timeline.

Dr. Hart suggests that people can dream big, but plan specifically. “Write down your plans, and at the end of each item, indicate the specific tasks you need to accomplish to achieve the plan, plus a detailed schedule.”

There are twelve months in a year. So you have to write done of what do you want do on different months, which means you can write goals for the short term. Now that you know roughly what you want to accomplish within a few years, make concrete goals for you to begin working on now. Give yourself a deadline within a reasonable time frame.

Writing your goals will make them harder to ignore, consequently making you accountable for them.

Fourth, Write down the obstacles you will encounter and what price you are willing to pay

 It’s the joy and journey of clearing those obstacles that makes life rich, and helps people feel truly accomplished when they finally reach their pinnacle of success. Understanding obstacles in advance does not mean that obstacles can be solved, but you will not get stuck at least because of a failure.

Once you decide what you wanna do, then what price you are willing to pay. Such like, if you decide this year to read 100 books, then how you can do it? Every day during your commute to read a book or while noon break etc. 

清除障礙的喜悅和旅途使生活變得更加豐富多彩,並幫助人們在最終達到成功頂峰時感到真正的成就。 事先了解障礙並不意味著可以解決障礙,但是至少不會因為失敗而陷入困境。

一旦您決定要做什麼,那麼您願意付出的代價。像是如果您決定今年閱讀100本書,那您將如何做呢? 每天上下班時讀書或中午休息等。

Fifth, Adjust your goals periodically.

You may find yourself set in your ways concerning broad life goals, but take the time to re-evaluate your smaller goals. Are you accomplishing them according to your time frame? Are they still necessary to keep you on track towards your larger life goals? or when it’s coming to the month that you set the time what you wanna get it done, you probably think you are failed because you did’t accomplish. But If you did every step that you plan for, then you just need more time to complete it.

Allow yourself the flexibility to adjust your goals

您可能會發現自己在實現廣泛的人生目標方面遇到了困難,但是花時間重新評估您的較小目標。 您是否根據自己的時間完成它們? 它們是否仍然有必要使您朝著更大的人生目標邁進? 或者到了您設定要完成的時間的月份,您可能會認為自己失敗了,因為您沒有完成任務。 但是,如果您按照計劃進行了每個步驟,那麼您只需要更多時間即可完成它。


People are always inert and like to be in their own comfort zone. If you want to grow, you must change. When you set your annual plan and execute it for a while, you will find that any new goal can become a part of life, no longer need to be implemented deliberately. If you want to change, start with yourself.

人們總是惰性的,喜歡在自己的舒適區。 如果要成長,就必須改變。 當您設定年度計劃並執行一段時間後,您會發現任何新目標都可以成為生活的一部分,而不再需要刻意執行。 如果要更改,請從自己開始。


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