Outfit : The Forever Piece, A Black Coat

The forever black coat

I believe there are a black coat in every girl’s wardrobe. A long black coat I can wear with pretty much everything. In my opinion of black coat is stay with classic without flashy details. A black coat is a forever piece so be picky and invest in a good quality cashmere or wool.

The details:
1.This black coat’s design is kinda trench design of burberry.
2. This black coat’s material is cashmere, which is very warm when you wear it in the winter.
How do I match it?

1. As I said on the top, I can wear everything inside of this black coat, so I just wear white V line sweater and classical blue jeans. 

2. In order to have a image of killer legs that I wearing the booties with high-waist jeans to get a perfect ratio.

3. I don’t want this outfit to be bored so I wear the hat of Chanel style. 

我相信每個女孩的衣櫥裡都有一件黑色外套。 我可以穿幾乎所有東西的黑色長外套。 在我看來,黑色外套是經典而沒有浮華的細節。 黑色大衣是永遠的一件,所以要挑剔並投資優質羊絨或羊毛。


1.這件黑色外套的設計有點像burberry 的風衣設計。






What am I wearing?


Top: from my wardrobe

Blue Jeans: Zara

Earring : Émffei

Sunglasses : Spring

Hat: bought it from Korea


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