The reason why I create the MsAmanda 0 to 1 blog.

why I create this blog?

Why would i open this Ms Amanda 0 to 1  Blog?

In fact, as early as a few months ago, I want to open another blog of financial management, but there so many people are writing similar articles now; thus I didn’t start it. However, under a chance I met two people who push me to do it, that I’m a person who totally don’t have any financial background, which one is who gave me a ticket into the financial world that he pushed me into the financial world as a sales manager of forex agency; the other one is who agreed me into it, which he gave me a chance to enter the financial world officially and let me start learning from nothing. 

為什麼我會開這個Ms Amanda 0 to 1 部落格?

實際上,早在幾個月前,我就想打開另一個財務管理博客,但是現在有很多人在寫類似的文章。 因此我沒有開始。然而,突然出現了一次機會,我遇到了兩個推動我去做這件事的貴人,畢竟我是一個完全沒有任何金融背景的人,第一個人他給了我一張進入金融世界的票,將我推向了金融世界,在金融界擔任外匯代理機構的銷售經理; 另一位是同意我加入的人,他給了我一次正式進入金融世界的機會,讓我從零開始學習。

It’s a bit like the blog that I create this Ms Amanda is me blog, At first I had an idea I wanted to do, but I didn’t make it come true until a certainly opportunity appears. I remember that day I just read an article that it’s about how to creat a blog through WordPress by easy way, so I just followed every step that article writed and this blog just come up immediately, which now you know how exactly this blog emerge in my life. lol

However, I slowly learned how to build and manage a WordPress blog from through the Internet by myself. But this time is different that I have colleagues who can let me ask if I have any question, which I am not alone. But this time is different, that I have colleagues, who can let me ask if I have any question, which I am not alone.

The reason why this blog was created is that my team leader gave me advice, which he let me start recording from nothing in my way of investment and financial management and I also hope that this blog can give some directions to people who is in their 20s just like me, so that we can learn how to investment and financial management, even we’re not a person with financial background.

Step by step towards life and work to achieve a balanced happy life
this is my purpose of building this blog, so this blog is named: Ms. Amanda 0 to 1

有點像我創建的這個部落格的狀況。一開始我有一個想做部落格的主意,但一直沒有去實現這件事,直到有次機會出現時我才實現。 記得那天我是讀了一篇有關「如何通過Wordpress輕鬆創建博客的文章」,我就只是按照文章編寫的每個步驟進行操作,然後這個部落格就出現了,現在你知道了這個部落格的真正出現的原因了。

然而,我就慢慢地獨自透過網路學習如何從零開始構建和管理Wordpress博客。 但是這次不同,我有同事可以問我是否有任何問題,我並不孤單。 

也希望這個部落格可以給那些跟我一樣20幾歲的人一些方向,讓我們不是金融背景的人,知道如何從0開始學習投資理財。進而一步一步走向 生活 與 工作 取得平衡的 happy life
所以這個部落格才會取名為:Ms.Amanda 0 to 1

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