Outfit : athleisure style


Do you follow up the atheisure style?

According to the climate getting closer to summer, the temperature is getting higher day by day, spending the whole day in sweats used to be a fashion crime, but athleisure is now completely in fashion. Athleisure is a hybrid of workout clothes and loungewear, which makes for super versatile pieces that can go from the gym to the couch and even to the office. To be honest, sometime I do wear the athleisure to the office, and my colleague say it made me to be more fashionable and chic.

根據接近夏天的氣候,溫度每天都在升高,整天流汗是一種時尚犯罪,但是運動休閒現在完全是時尚。 Athleisure是健身服和便服的混合體,可製成超級百搭的款式,可從健身房到沙發甚至辦公室。 老實說,有時候我會穿休閒裝去辦公室,而我的同事說這使我變得更加時尚和時髦。

Outfit : athleisure style


Sunglasses : GentleMonster

Top & Pants  : Émffei

Boots : Rick Owens

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