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Outfit : You should try 90s fashion

you should try 90s fashion

90th fashion style
If there was one decade I could take homage from and wear for the rest of my life, its the 90’s off duty minimalism.

In 90’s you can see a lot of accessories in pearl which pearl is a big trends no matter in what kind of accessories, probably is hair chips, earring, necklace, etc. Also, you can find high waist style in jean.

Recently I’m really love high waist style in pants for you can have looking good on your body with well-proportioned, no matter what kind of your body type are. I am the person who is a pear shaped body which I should be aware of my waist hip ratio; therefore, that’s the reason why I love high waist.

Even though we have injections of love for this minimalist era now, I’m looking forward to a decade where being undone is cool, loving yourself who you are – without the botox, filler and lip plumping, not needing a tonne of ‘stuff”. Because I think nature is beauty, beauty is nature!



最近,我真的很喜歡褲子的高腰款式,因為無論哪種體型,都可以使自己看起來勻稱勻稱。 我是一個梨形的人,所以我知道我的腰臀比例,這就是我愛高腰的原因。

即使我們現在對這個極簡主義時代充滿愛意,但我仍期待著十年的恢復,這很酷,愛自己,沒有肉毒桿菌,填充物和嘴唇豐滿,不需要一噸的“東西” 。 因為我認為自然就是美麗,所以美麗就是自然!

What am I wearing?


Blouses  :  2143 

Pants / Earring : buy it from Seoul

Scarf : Émffei 

Sunglasses: spring 

Shoes: vans 

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