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What colors are in for Summer 2020.

What color are in for summer 2020?

Summer 2020 is all about bright, saturated colors that stimulate your senses and energize you like a strong cup of coffee! These sensational colors range from fiery red to deep blue and coral pink. When paired together, they create some very vibrant, optimistic color combinations. Therefore, I want to share some color with you guys, that what color are in for summer 2020.

2020年夏季的主題是鮮豔,飽和的色彩,可以激發你的感官,並像一杯濃烈的咖啡一樣使您精力充沛! 這些引人入勝的顏色從火紅色到深藍色和珊瑚粉。 配對時,它們會創建一些非常有活力的樂觀色彩組合。因此,我想與大家分享一些屬於 2020 年夏季的顏色。

1. Orange Peel

Now that there’s more sunshine peeking out with each day that we get closer to the Spring Equinox, its inspiring us to wear brighter colours and not just all-black-everything all the time. However, Orange was spotted all over the runway this summer season, which I can’t help but feel like brightening up my wardrobe a bit.

現在,每天與陽光春分之間的距離越來越近,陽光明媚,這啟發我們穿上更鮮豔的顏色,而不僅僅是一直穿黑衣服。 然而,今年的春夏的秀場上,可以常看到橘色在 runway 出沒,這讓我不禁有點想把衣櫃弄亮。

2. Lime Sherbet Green

Whether you protested its return earlier this summer or you embraced it with open arms, lime sherbet green has become a full-on color trend for the summer, and you might be surprised when you start seeing it everywhere.


Queen Elizabeth didn’t just lightly test out lime green—she fully committed to a tonal look recently during her first solo visit with Meghan Markle. It got me thinking—if the queen can pull off a lime green outfit, then so can I.


Outfit : Green is the best color for spring.

If you have read this article, maybe you know I’m not a fan of green until I bought this green cardigan. This is the first time that I wear the green items.


3. Heritage Blue

This vivid sky blue was a dominant shade all throughout the fashion month, leading the helm of cool tones to contrast all the warm ones. This blue has been described as “stable” and “traditional”, and we gotta admit that it is, truly a timeless shade with a bit of brightness.

這種鮮豔的天藍色是整個時裝月的主要色調,帶領冷色調與所有暖色調形成對比。 這種藍色被描述為“穩定”和“傳統”,我們必須承認,它確實是一種永恆的陰影,帶有一點點亮度。

Like myself, I bought this shirt as soon as I saw it. Because this heritage blue so beautiful, which I bought it without any hesitate. lol

像我自己,我一看到這件超美的襯衫便買了。 因為這種藍色真的太美麗,讓我毫不猶豫地買了它。

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