Outfit : Green is the best color for spring.


What’s your favorite color in spring?

The early days of spring are some of the best in the year. The sun is out, there’s a hint of warmth in the air, and the first crocuses have made their way through the thawing earth. No matter what the temperature actually is outside, you’ve been reminded that warmer weather is on its way, and that the winter doldrums are almost over.

Do you have your favorite color in spring? Honestly, I’m not a fan of green, but I think green is always the best color of spring. Because green is such a versatile shade and can take on so many different tones.

The details & How do I dressing up:
This outfit style is kinda vintage, which i wore a cat eyes sunglasses with white frame that is popular since 2 years ago. However, what would you think about since speaking of vintage style? I guess you probably will think about flared pants that it’s tight at the waist and flared at the bottom. For the past few years, fashion designers have been telling us flared trousers are coming back, and now it’s the time.
Actually I am a fan of flared pants, especially it’s high-waist one. As you can see the first point on article of tips that 10 tips of how to dress yourself looking taller and slimmer, that I said the reason why I love high-waist pants and now I still love it a lot.
In order to make this outfit more like vintage style, that I wore the white clunky shoes.In the end,  As I just to follow the rule of accessories, which I using pearl earring to get some points on my face to show my elegant.

春天的初期是一年中最好的一些。 太陽出來了,空氣中散發出一絲溫暖,第一批番紅花已經穿過了融化的土地。 無論實際溫度是多少,都會提醒您天氣正在溫暖,冬季低迷將近。

春天有你最喜歡的顏色嗎? 老實說,我不是綠色的粉絲,但我認為綠色永遠是春天的最佳顏色。 因為綠色是一種通用的陰影,可以呈現多種不同的色調。

細節 & 我如何搭配:

這種服裝風格有點復古,我戴了2年前就很流行的貓眼白色框架太陽鏡。 然而,說到到復古風格你會想到什麼? 我想你可能會想到喇叭褲(它在腰部很緊,在底部是喇叭形。) 在過去的幾年中,時裝設計師一直在告訴我們喇叭褲又回來了,現在是時候了。

實際上,我是喇叭褲的粉絲,尤其是高腰褲。 如你所見,在這邊技巧文章中的第一點如何使自己看起來更高和苗條的10條技巧,在裡面我說過我喜歡高腰褲的原因,然而,就算到現在我也還是非常喜歡它。


What am I wearing?


outter : Émffei

Pants : Zara

Clunky shoes : Émffei


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