[ Restaurant ] Naked Bistro in Taipei

Naked Bistro in Taipei

“Naked Bistro” is an extension of the concept of “Naked Market”. After re-decorating in 2020, the owner decided to join a team of chefs from “Raw” and ”Roubuchon” to reopening, which the Raw is a restaurant that get 2 stars of Michelin in Taipei and the Roubuchon is the first one that get the 1 star of Michelin in Taipei, those both are fantastic restaurant in Taipei. Therefore, Naked Bistro want to show different way of French cuisine, I totally can tell you the chef’s craft is brilliant, even I only tasted a few dishes



「Naked Bistro」是「Naked Market」概念的延伸餐廳。 在2020年進行重新裝修後,店主決定加入“ Raw”和“ Roubuchon”的廚師團隊重新開業,其中Raw是一家在台北獲得米其林2星的餐廳,而Roubuchon是第一家在台北獲得米其林一星,這兩家都是台北很棒的餐廳。 因此,Naked Bistro要展示不同的法國菜方式,我完全可以告訴你,他們廚師的技藝精湛,就算我只品嚐了幾道菜

I like their decoration very much, which is low-key and luxurious design. As you can see in the pictures, their lights are very classic.



They will change the menu regularly. And I was ordered a set of dinner.



Charcoal-grilled octopus

Just like in France, their appetizer will have a baguette, but it’s not as large as in France. Another appetizer is a charcoal-grilled octopus that the aroma of it will instantly spreads it out when you put it in your mouth.




Chicken consomme soup.

This soup is very refreshing, so you can’t stop drinking it.



USDA fillet steak and foie gras with truffle sauce.

To be honest, I really love this steak, especially when paired with the foie gras on top, plus a little truffle sauce, which it is a perfect match for me. The steak is very tender and the foie gras is really a nice that it don’t have fishy smell, not like others. 




Banana semifreddo

This dessert is really perfect for me. I am the person who don’t really love dessert, but this one is not too sweet which I can accept it. Although it has caramel on it, it is not too sweet at all, which is within my acceptable range. 

這個甜點對我來說真的很完美,讓我這個平時沒什麼在吃甜食的人也超愛,他上面雖然有著焦糖,但卻一點也不會到太甜,是我可以接受的範圍。而下面的香蕉很濃郁外,搭配一點點的巧克力醬,真的會令人愛不釋手。大概沒五分鐘我就把它給吃光了 lol 


*Telephone :  +886 02-2776-6226

*Address : No. 49, 240th Lane , Guofu South Road, Taipei City

*Hours : Wednesday – Sunday 12:00 p.m – 2:30 p.m
                Wednesday – Sunday 6:00 a.m – 10:00 p.m

                Monday – Tuesday day off

*Metro:  SYS Memorial Hall MRT station

*Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nkdbistro/

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