[ Restaurant ] Bistrot Richelieu in Paris – 1th Arr.

Bistro Richelieu in Paris

The Bistro in French is means the local restaurant that you can try the french cuisine, also the price is cheaper than a posh restaurant, which you can save your budget and eat a great meal of french cuisine.


Every time I’m go for a running along the Seine, I will definitely pass this restaurant, for this is my only way to the river of seine. However, this time I finally go to inside for a lunch with my friend. The decoration inside is very warm, and it‘s also very French style. Just pay attention to the lights in it, it is completely retro style which is my favorite style.

其實我每次要去塞納河邊跑步時,我都會經過這家餐廳,因為那條路是我必定會經過的路程 xd 然而,這次我終於踏進去享用午餐了。裡面的裝潢很溫馨,也很法式之外,注意看它裡頭的燈,完全超復古!


They change the menu in every season. Before you go to there, you can check their menu in website.



homemade puff pastry with cheese cream and eggplant. 

This starters is pretty nice that the eggplant is very fresh and sweet; however, the puff pastry with cheese cream are perfect match, that I didn’t know it before.


Main cuisine

Homemade parmentier de canard et patate

I really like this main meal. The sweet potatoes are very dense and sweet, with the salty texture of shredded pork. But it’s a little to much for me. lol


Homemade filet de perche frais, fondue de poireaux

This one is ordered by my friend, he said it’s not bad for him. But I’m not a fun of its sauce.

這是我朋友點的,他說這對他來說還不錯。 但是我不是很喜歡它的醬料。


yogurt with homemade honey.

This yogurt is so niceee! The honey is so pure and the yogurt is also homemade. I just finish it in 5 minutes. lol

這個 yogurt 超好吃! 蜂蜜是很純的,然後 yogurt 也是自製的。 我只花了5分鐘就吃完它了!

We ordered the lunch sets for 20 euros that have Starter, Main cuisine and dessert.


The best way to experience French culture in Paris, except to visiting their traditional markets, just be sure to taste their local homemade dishes in bistro. For me, It’s absolutely impossible to have a meal in Michelin restaurants every time, due to my budget constraints, which dining at Bistro is definitely my first choice, especially the best way to learn about French food culture.

[ Local Market ] Marché Bastille in Paris.

在巴黎體驗法國文化,除了參觀他們的傳統市場外,一定要品嚐他們當地的家常菜餚。對我來說,因為有預算的限制,絕對不可能一直到米其林餐廳用餐,所以到 Bistro 用餐絕對是我的首選,尤其也是了解法國美食文化的最佳方式。


*Telephone :  +33 1 42 60 19 16

*Address : 45 Rue de Richelieu, 75001 Paris, France

*Hours : Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m – 10:30 p.m
                Saturday 10:30 a.m – 10:30 p.m
                Sunday close

*Metro:  Grands Boulevards / Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre



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