[ Local Market ] Marché Bastille in Paris.

Marché Bastille

When you come to Paris, where is the first place that you will go visit first? You probably will go to visit some famous attractions, such as Louvre, Notre Dame and Eiffel tower etc. And where is the first choose that you will go to shopping? I guess you will choose Lafayette or Printemps; however, my first choose will be the local market that is the easy way to experience local characteristic and lifestyle. 

If you lived in Paris, you definitely can’t go to Lafayette everyday, except you’re rich. lol. In order to save your money, you probably will go to Carrefour or Monoprix to choose your material for cook. But in those market you can’t find any fresh fish, beef and chicken etc. You probably will say ”you can find it in the La Bon Marche”. As I said in the beginning, if you have to save money, then that wouldn’t be your choose, which the only place where you can find those fresh material is in the local market.

As you may know I am the person who have passion to visit local market, no matter where I have been to. Not to mention Paris where I lived.

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因為如果你跟巴黎人一樣在當地生活,絕不可能天天都去老佛爺百貨(La Lafayette)的超市買東西。為了省錢當然是常常向較便宜的超市報到,像是:家樂福等等… ,但在這些超市裡買不到新鮮的海鮮、一些不易買到的蔬菜。

當然你會說可以去巴黎的貴婦百貨(La Bon Marche)裡一樣也有賣新鮮的海鮮、新鮮的蔬果等等…,不過就如同我上面所說的,必須省錢的話,怎麼可能到單價高的貴婦百貨裡買呢?

你如果有看我之前的文章,可能知道我是一個熱衷於逛傳統市場的人,不論我到哪個國家,我都會去逛逛。 當然,更不用說我住的巴黎了。

Marché de la Bastille is one of the biggest food markets in Paris, also it’s a favorite one on the Parisian’s mind. Marché de la Bastille is located in the 11th district of Paris that is next to the subway, which is very convenient for tourists. Every Thursday and Sunday will extends to Richard Lenoir Avenue, which you can see lots of stuff in here. Every time you come here, you will not only see the tourists, but also Parisians dragging their basket cart to buy fresh ingredients.

Marché de la Bastille 是巴黎最大的食品市場之一,更是巴黎人的最愛


每逢星期四、星期日會延伸到 Richard Lenoir 大道


After you come out the metro Exit 1 of Bastille station, just turn around and you will see the Bastille Square and the July Cylinder Monument. The Bastille Square is still have significance to the french, which you can see lots of activity in here.

從地鐵站 Bastille 一號出口 出來後,轉個身就會看到巴士底廣場、七月圓柱紀念碑


On the left is the Bastille Opera.

If you go to the right side, you will find the Bastille market.



There are many clothes, hats, bags, accessories, etc . 


This black bucket wool hat is buy from here. Just like in Taiwan, you can bargain at a traditional market, which this hat used to be 15 €, after I bargain with shopkeeper, I got 12€ price of this hat.


France is the most famous of romance country in the world, which you can see flowers in here. If your husband come here with you, he definitely will buy some flowers for you!



One of the reasons that I like the Bastille market so much is that it sells fresh seafood. When I was in Taiwan, my family would go to the harbor to buy fresh seafood; nevertheless, I’m live in Paris by myself, which it’s impossible to go to the harbour for buy seafood. After all, this distance is really invincible. Therefore I am really disappointed when I can’t buy fresh seafood in supermarkets. Since I went to the Bastille market, I decided to replenish my food materials every week!


You have to taste the oysters when you come to the Bastille market. In addition to being cheap, you can simply taste this delicious flavor with lemon. After you finish it, you can use a wet paper towel that the store prepare for the customers, which you don’t need to worry about your hands after you eat the oysters.




How can there be no fresh fruits and vegetables in the market. So today I bought bananas and oranges, they only cost me 1.4 euros that it’s much cheaper than the supermarket!

I also bought 6 gold kiwis for 5 euros. The price of kiwi, I think it’s similar than other countries, except for the New Zealand where the kiwi comes from. Like the price in Taiwan, one is almost NT $ 30.


水果我今天購入了香蕉、橘子,兩樣一起買才 1.4 歐!比在超市裡買便宜超多!

此外,我還買了 6 個黃金奇異果,價格是 5 歐。奇異果的價格,我想除了在紐西蘭當地吃之外,其他國家的價格都差不多,像在台灣的價格,一顆也差不多是30 多元台幣。

蔬菜則是買了節瓜、青椒,兩樣才 1 歐!

In addition to eating oysters, you also be sure to taste the roasted spring chicken. The meat is super tender that it’s super delicious! Every time I smell this scent, I can’t help to buy a drumstick that it’s only cost me 3 euros. lol

除了吃生蠔外,這裡的烤春雞也一定要品嚐看看!肉質超嫩,烤得超入味!每次聞到這個香味,都會忍不住買一隻雞腿回家享用呢。我自己買了一隻雞腿是 3 歐元。

This Spanish Paella is very tradition. If you love paella, then you probably will like it. But not for me. lol


About this one, I’m not sure what is it, that I haven’t try it. If you know what is it, I hope you can tell me. 😉 Every Time I go to the Bastille market, I always see some people will get in line for waiting this. I guess it might be very delicious.


When you walking on the street in Paris, you can see lot of Fromage shop. As a famous material in the world, you definitely can see it in traditional market.

時常在街上就能看見許多間販售 Fromage (奶酪)的商店。在傳統市集裡怎麼可能會少了他呢!

The vintage chair of different style that you can see in here.


In the Bastille market, you can find a lot of treasures and fresh ingredients and eat a lot of delicious food. If you come to Paris and want to experience the life of the local French, I really recommend you to visit the Bastille market!



*Telephone : +33 (0) 1 43 24 74 39

*Address : Boulevard Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris, France

*Hours : Thursday 07:00 ~ 14:30

                 Sunday  07:00~15:00

*Metro: Bastille 

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