Outfit : remember the rules of french style.


5 French Style Rules for Women Everywhere

According to this article that I wrote about the 5 french style rules of women, which you should know what are points to make the french style. In this outfit I want to tell you is you have to pay attention on the fit. 


The details & How do I dressing up:

This top is a small polka dot pattern, which it is elegance of french style, also this neckline specifically can show my beautiful neck; however, I match this with high – waisted blue jean. In order to look more chic, I wearing the high heel.

Hey, do you remember the rule of french style that the logo part? which why I carry the black small logo of Saint Laurent boston bag.


上衣是小圓點花紋,是法式風格的優雅,這條領口也可以顯出我美麗的脖子。 但是,我搭配高腰藍色牛仔褲來搭配。 為了看起來更別緻,我穿了高跟鞋。

嘿,你還記得 logo 部分的法式風格的規則嗎? 這就是為什麼我提著有小 Logo 的 Saint Laurent 波士頓包。

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