5 French Style Rules for Women Everywhere

What would you think when you think about french women? I guess you may say they are so elegance and pretty. If you have read my article before, then you may know some tips that how to live like a french women of elegance.

10 ways of how to live like a french women of elegance.

I also launch an article of five rules that the style as a french women.

Follow 5 rules of style as a french women

I think you already know some tips of french style; however, now if you want to know the secret to dressing your best every day, then you still need to take a hint from the French. It seems like every woman in Paris is so effortlessly elegant, even if her outfit is nothing special. Why is that? Well, french women are not slavish trend followers, they have an envible sense of style that transcends fashion. As you have known five rules of style as a french women,then you should know there are a few unwritten style rules when it comes to dressing in France. And now I am going to tell you those rules.

當你想到法國女性時,你會怎麼想? 我猜你可能會說她們是如此的優雅和漂亮。 如果你以前閱讀過我的文章,那麼你可能會知道一些要點,以像法國的優雅女性一樣生活。


我相信你已經知道一些法國風格的技巧; 然而,現在,如果你想知道每天穿得最好的秘訣,那麼你仍然需要從法國女人身上得到一些提示。 巴黎的每個女人似乎都毫不費力地優雅,即使她的衣服沒什麼特別的。 這是為什麼? 老實說,法國女性不是奴隸制的追隨者,她們具有超越時尚的令人羨慕的風格感。 正如你已經了解法國女性的五種風格規則一樣,那麼你應該知道在法國穿衣時有一些不成文的風格規則。 現在,我將告訴您這些規則。

1.Throw away your perfectionism

French women don’t require everything to be perfect. They probably with fluffy and natural curly hair, which they care more about casual than living by tightening their bodies and they can enjoy the chaos in life. For them, the quality of life is not that everything is handled in an orderly manner, but that they can enjoy the relaxation in the rush day after day at the same time.

1. 丟掉完美主義的想法

法國女人並不需要一切都完美。 他們可能是蓬鬆自然的捲發,相比起緊繃身體,他們更關心休閒而不是生活,他們可以享受生活中的混亂。 對他們來說,生活的質量並不是讓一切都井井有條地進行,而是讓他們可以在日復一日的匆忙中享受放鬆。

2. effortlessly chic - red lipstick

The most cardinal of all French style rules is to appear effortlessly chic.

You should never look like you’ve spent more than 30 minutes in front of a mirror and that goes for both your outfit. You may think that being effortlessly chic is easier said than done. These style rules will help you discover exactly what that means according to French women. However, you’ll discover that the perfect red lipstick is all it takes to look beautiful.

2. 輕鬆別緻 – 紅色唇膏


你永遠不要看起來在鏡子前呆了30分鐘以上,因為你可能會認為,輕鬆別緻說起來容易做起來難,然後在鏡子前猶豫不決。 這個規則將幫助你準確地發現法國女性的含義。 然後你會發現,完美的紅色唇膏可以讓你看起來美麗。

3. Quality is more important than quantity

The recent trend of minimalist life can also be seen in French women. For example, they would rather wear the same classic short boots every day than exchange the same money for more cheap shoes. Because they understand that spending money on quality clothes is an investment, also they know their smart choices will bring them a timeless style over the time.

3. 重質不重量

在法國女性中也可以看到最近的極簡生活趨勢。 例如,他們寧願每天穿同樣的經典短靴,也不願用相同的錢換成更便宜的鞋子。 因為他們知道花錢買高質量的衣服是一項投資,所以他們也知道自己明智的選擇將為他們帶來永恆的風格。

4. Pay Attention to the Fit

French girls know what fits them best and stay away from ill-fitting clothing. On the other hand, just because it’s designer doesn’t mean it’s right for your body. Take the time to try on different sizes of clothing and learn what cuts and shapes flatter your body. Don’t buy something just because you saw it on someone else and it looked good. If you are in doubt, oversized is always better than too tight when it comes to fit.

4. 放重點在合身

法國女孩知道最適合自己的衣服,不要穿不合適的衣服。 另一方面,僅僅因為它的設計師並不意味著它適合你的身體。 花時間試穿不同尺寸的衣服,了解什麼剪裁和形狀更能使你的身體更美。 不要僅僅因為看到別人的東西就買東西,而且看起來還不錯。 如果你有疑問,在適合時,過大總比過緊總是好。

5. Never Show Off a Logo or Label

This rule might be surprising but French women rarely wear clothing or handbags with logo prints all over them. It’s considered very tacky to show off your wealth in France, and so French girls opt for a minimal design that appears labelless. Even those LV print Louis Vuitton handbags are almost never purchased by French women – only foreigners.

5. 不要露出 logo 

這條規則可能令人驚訝,但是法國婦女很少穿到衣服或手提包上印有徽標圖案的手提包。 在法國炫耀你的財富被認為是非常俗氣的,因此法國女孩選擇的外觀設計無標籤。 即使是那些LV打印的Louis Vuitton手袋,也幾乎從來沒有被法國女性(只有外國人)購買。

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