Outfit : Spring is coming

Spring is coming

while the year has only just begun, it feels about right to start thinking about spring and which trends you’d like to try and which new pieces you’d like to buy into for the months ahead. While we know it’s still cold, though we’re determined to find a way to start wearing spring looks now, even if that does just mean adding a few bright colours to our outfits here and there.

What’s your favorite thing you want to do in Spring

The details & How do I dressing up:

Speaking of spring, what color would you want it? This outfit is super easy when I dressing up, I using white sweater and green A-line skirt to match my outfit. However, in order to have an image of killer legs that I wearing the white booties to get a perfect proportions.

儘管這一年才剛剛開始,但開始思考春季以及想嘗試哪些趨勢以及在接下來的幾個月中想要購買哪些新產品,這就對了。 雖然我們知道天氣仍然很冷,但是我們決心立即找到一種開始穿著春季外觀的方法,即使那隻是意味著在這里和那裡的衣服中增加一些鮮豔的色彩。


說到春天,你想要什麼顏色? 穿上這件衣服非常容易,我用白色的毛衣和綠色的A字裙搭配衣服。 但是,為了擁有雙腿殺手的形象,我穿著白色短靴來獲得完美的比例。

What am I wearing?


Earring : Bought it in Korea

Sweater : Émffei

Sunglasses : GentleMonster


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