Outfit : One of my favorite skirt.


Do you have your favorite skirt?

This skirt I bought it from 5 years ago. Even I have been have it from 5 years ago, it still looking great, which the style of bottom is a great design. 

Outfit : Get your perfect midi-skirt

Why you should wear your special skirt

The design of bottom in this skirt is chapel-length train style that it’s amazing when you walking.


我5年前買的這條裙子。 即使我從5年前就開始使用它,它仍然看起來很棒,底部的樣式是一個很棒的前短後長+不規則的設計,走路時飄起來的樣子,看起來超棒。

The details & How do I dressing up:

I hope this outfit’s color is simple that I only dressing up by two color, which is black and white. This picture is the source of inspiration, that I want this outfit is more elegant; therefore, I wearing the white sweater that it’s fit on my body, also can show my waist line. This sweater’s bottom is cross-over design with short version, so that I wear the this special high-waist skirt to get a perfect ratio. 

The black bowler hat makes me look a bit mysterious and elegant. At last, I using the booties to match this perfect skirt that makes me have a pair of killing legs. lol 

細節 & 我如何搭配:

我希望這套衣服的顏色很簡單,我只用黑白兩種顏色打扮。 這幅畫是靈感的來源,我希望這套衣服更優雅; 因此,我穿了一件適合自己身體的白色毛衣,也能露出我的腰線。 然而,這件毛衣的底部是短款的交叉設計,因此我穿上了這條特殊的高腰裙子,以獲得完美的比例。

黑色的圓頂硬禮帽使我看起來有些神秘而優雅。 最後,我用贓物來搭配這條完美的裙子,這使我有一雙大長腿。 

What am I wearing?


outter : Émffei

Pants : Zara

Clunky shoes : Émffei


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