Outfit : Get your perfect midi-skirt

do you like white and black?

A midi skirt is a skirt with a length that’s in between that of a mini skirt and a maxi skirt, which is the best way to help you to create your elegant style. The hem of most midi skirts falls midway down your calf, somewhere between your knee and your ankle that they help your waist appear slimmer while enhancing and emphasizing the natural curves in your hips and backside.

However, I love to choose some of different design on the midi-skirt, which recently this one is my favorite, as you can see, I can use different angle to wearing it. It made my waist more slimmer and also show some of my legs out, which it made me look like pretty sexy.

The details:

1.This material is nylon that is why this skirt will be a little still.

2. This skirt have drawstring design that can let me show a little bit leg, which it makes me more sexy.

How do I match it?

1. Wearing the pearl earring makes me more classical simple style

2. Matching the white shirt with black shirt that to be white and black style.

3. Also wearing the white shoes and having black mini bag.

中裙是指長度在迷你裙和超長裙之間的裙子,這是幫助您打造優雅風格的最佳方法。 大多數中長裙的下擺落在小腿的中間,介於膝蓋和腳踝之間,有助於腰部變得更苗條,同時增強並強調臀部和後側的自然曲線。

但是,我喜歡在中裙上選擇一些不同的設計,最近這是我的最愛,正如您所看到的,我可以使用不同的角度來穿著它。 它使我的腰部更加苗條,並且還露出了一些雙腿,這使我看起來很性感。








What am I wearing?


Top :  Émffei

Skirt : Émffei

Earring : Émffei 

Sunglasses : dior

Bag : Sanit Laurent

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