Outfit : Cream and Blue

Cream and blue

If you haven’t already heard—this just might be my favorite sweater EVER. I have been wearing this sweater non-stop since I got it and it’s quickly become the one item I reach for again and again. I will literally throw it on when I wake up in the morning.

The details & How do I dressing up:
1. This sweater is fit on my body, which it can show my beautiful waist line and the bottom is cross-over design with short version, so that I wear the high-waist pants to get a perfect ratio. 

2. For this sweater is fit my body, I decide to not wear skinny, but wide leg pants. Otherwise, my whole body will look like so tight. Just remember one thing when you dressing up, ”Do not wear so fitted or loose at the same time.” The reason you cannot do it, is you can’t modify your figure with clothes.

3. And then, I don’t wanna this outfit is monotony, I wear the black bowler hat to matching my outfit.

4. In the end, I using pearl earring and the metallic frame sunglasses to get some different point on this outfits.

如果你還沒有聽說過,這件毛衣是我最喜歡的毛衣。 自從我買到這件毛衣以來,我一直不停的穿它。有一段時間早上起床時,我會把立刻換下睡衣,穿上它。

細節 & 我如何搭配:


2.因為這件毛衣比較貼身,所以我不穿緊身的高腰牛窄褲,而是闊腿褲。 否則,我的整個身體看起來會很緊。 打扮時只記得一件事:上下半身不要同時穿得太合身或寬鬆。之所以不能這樣做,是因為你就無法用衣服來修飾自己的身材。



What am I wearing?


Sweater : 3 years ago, I bought it from the small shop in Taiwan

Sunglasses : Gentle Monster

Black bowler hat : from my wardrobe.

Pants : Émffei

Shoes : Adidas 


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