About the collars, colors and patterns of coat

How to choose the collar of coat?

Last time, I have shared how to find the right type for yourself and the secret about material. Now I gonna talk about the collar part.

In case you don’t know how to find the right type for yourself and the material, you can read three of those article in here.

The secret of choosing a coat material.

5 classical types of coat for women.

To know what kind of coat suit for your body shaped.

In fact, there are many different styles for the collar design of the coat, and I believe some of you guys have your favorite collar, such as myself is the “lapel” design.



The secret of choosing a coat material.

5 classical types of coat for women.

To know what kind of coat suit for your body shaped.


The lapels style

The lapel can naturally form a thin V shape on the chest, which can not only modify the problem of big face and short neck, but also can easily wear a chic sense that you can casually put on a T-shirt and jeans inside.

​翻領能在胸前自然的形成顯瘦的V型,不但能修飾臉大、脖子短的問題外,隨便搭個 T-shirt / 牛仔褲,就輕鬆穿出率性的瀟灑感

Tips for lapel collar style 

If you want to show a different style of lapel coat, you can match skirts and shorts on the bottom part. But the shoe part is a key point of your style. If you want to show your momentum, you can wear pair of “over-the-knee boots” to increase the proportion of long legs, then you will be very charisma. However, if you wanna be more femininity, you can wear “boots” to give your legs more room to show. In the end, If you wanna more casual or student style, you can simply put on “white shoes” or “casual shoes”


The lapels will add a handsomeness to the whole, whether it is in the H shaped coat or the O shaped coat.​

翻領不管在 H型大衣 還是繭形大衣等等上,都會為整體增添一股帥氣

The Crew-neck style

Crew shoulder contour design have strong retro flavor, and no rigid stereotypes, which random and smooth lines perfectly show the femininity. If I wear a crew neck coat, I will wear skirts inside, showing a feminine and elegance.​



Notice of Crew-neck style of coat.

It should be noted that the neck is easy to disappear, even the supermodel will have this problem. Therefore, I suggest that the color of the clothes inside should not be the same as the color of the coat, or you can wear a shirt to show the line of the neck.​



The V-neck style

​The V-neck design is the same as the crew-neck, there is no extra design, but compared to the crew-neck, the V-neck shows a sense of neatness. And makes the overall very smooth.

V領設計跟圓領一樣,沒有多餘的設計,但比起圓領,V領更能展現俐落感! 且讓整體非常流暢!

Don’t you think it super suitable for women who have achieved some success in their careers. lol​


The Fur collar style

To be honest, the fur collar is kinda an ornament of coat, for nobility. 

I was very happy when I bought this fur collar, what it’s not integrated with coat, but with a clip, which means you can take it off, if you wanna be a little bit low key. It’s also can be used on other coats. How convenience!



Olivia Palermo makes the best of fur to show extraordinary nobility, grandeur, and elegant.

​Olivia Palermo 完全利用皮草展現不凡高貴、氣勢、氣質

Notice of fur collar style of coat.

But there is one thing you should noted, which is the fur that you have to choose a good material to increase the noble beauty. If you choose a poor fur, you will have a rough style.



Color of coat.

I think part of the collar is almost those, which is the lapel, the crew-neck, the V-neck and the fur collar style. And now let’s talk about the color part.


I believe sometimes you won’t wanna wear the solid color coat, also you are afraid of not dressing well. Then I suggest that you can choose a checkered series or a houndstooth pattern, and the color should be mainly black and white.

Tips for checkered series and houndstooth patter coat.

Inside, It’s can be easily to wear with all black sweaters and jeans. However, if you want to be more different, then you can use some bright colors to match it.




裡頭搭配全黑系 / 簡單的針織衫、牛仔褲,就輕鬆完成穿搭,如果想要跳 ton 些,可以利用一些鮮豔的顏色搭配出不同的色彩

except the dark color of coat

Although black, gray, white, and coffee are the easiest colors to start with coat. But other bright colors, they will have different look when you dressing it. Also that it’s a difficult thing for people not to notice you when you wearing a bright coat and walking on the road.


Notice of bright coat.

If you are wearing a light coat, you have to be dark inside. The reason that I tell you to be dark inside is the light color will have an expansion effect, which you can’t wear bright colors. If you also wear bright colors inside, you must pay attention to whether it is too fancy and lose focus, so that you probably will be a Christmas tree.


為什麼?因為淺色會有膨脹效果啊!若內裡又穿亮色的話,就要注意是否太花俏,而失去焦點,讓整個人變成聖誕樹一般 ; 而深色大衣就沒太多的禁忌了,若不想整個人都烏漆嗎黑的話,建議內裡可以穿淺色的上衣!

color splicing style

I think the color stitching style is the most provocative, for it’s difficult to dressing well. If you ask me the tips for color splicing style, I will tell you the most conservative way to wear is that you have to an all-black series inside, so tha

t the focus is on the coat顏色拼接款,我覺得是最具挑展性的,因為要把他穿好有一定的困難度


There are too many colors to wear like this, personally I think it’s too fancy, which it’s a little bit failed. I don’t like it very much! But this only is my thought, maybe some people think it’s adorable.



The embroidery style

In recent years, embroidery has been very attraction! If you want a different design, but you are afraid that you can’t hold it. Then you can choose some embroidery designs on the sleeves or in some small places. Let you jump out of the simply style.

About the collars, colors and the patterns are almost those things that I mentioned it. In the next article, I will share some tips when I dressing my coat. I hope you will like it;)


近幾年,刺繡一直都是很夯的!想要來的不一樣的設計,但又害怕自己 Hold 不住,可以選擇一些在袖子或是在一些小地方,有刺繡設計的。讓你跳脫出最簡單的穿搭

樣式的部分差不多就是這些,下一篇文章我會分享我一些自己搭配大衣時的 tips.


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