Outfit : Happy Red sweater

They said ”The color red not only contributes more than just aesthetics, but it also carries a specific meanings in relation to psychological functions.”


How to wear all black without losing your style.

Many people assume that wearing an all-black ensemble means adopting a “classical” style. But some of them just wear black T-shirt and black pants totally without any details. Those people would be wrong. Because you need to have details when you wear all the same color.


Beautiful Notre dame de Paris

Notre-Dame de Paris is call Our Lady of Paris which means she has been one of the most enduring and symbolic monuments of the French capital and among the most celebrated cathedrals in Europe.

She is builded in 12th and 13th centuries, is considered one the world’s finest examples of gothic architecture, thanks to its pioneering use of rib vaults and flying buttresses, as well as its striking stained-glass rose windows.


Do you know what kind of your body shape is?

I always think everyone have their own personality and a beautiful body which makes each of us to be unique; however, our body come in all different shapes and sizes that we need to know our body that you can make a great look when you match every different outfit.


[ Café ]Starbucks reserve roastery in Seattle

Their literature says that it was “the call of the siren” that asked them to build it. I’m certain that is true and of course their absolute passion for coffee. Why? Because you can see it’s absolutely dazzles when you walking in the store. Copper, bronze, glass everything new and sparkly and of course the wonderful aroma. A 15,000 square foot shrine to coffee. The building itself is art deco and beautiful. Formerly, it was the Packard building and is located on what was Seattle’s auto row in the 1940’s. The renovation took two years and has been restored to its original elegance.


[ Café ]Forfork cafe in Seoul

In Seoul, there are a lots of cafe that you can absolutely find the one you like. So now I’m going to share this one of simple style with you guys.

Forfork is a cafe owned by the furniture brand bplusm and they offer some delicious desserts and coffee in Yeonnam-dong.

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10 tips of how to dress yourself looking taller-and-slimmer

I think the most of girl’s lifelong dream is to look slim and slender; however, we know that a healthy diet and dedicated fitness routine are the keys to weight-loss. But I believe there are inevitable times when we are too tired to go to the gym after a long hard day at work, not even we can count calories.

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[ Attraction ]my favor 10 spots in London

Hello London!!! Speaking of this trip to London, it’s kinda an unexpected journey. Because I use one day to considered to go to London and after I booked the ticket, it’s just only one week left that I have to prepare everything, including my schedule and my luggage.