[ Café ]Forfork cafe in Seoul

forfork cafe in Seoul

In Seoul, there are a lots of cafe that you can absolutely find the one you like. So now I’m going to share this one of simple style with you guys.

Forfork is a cafe owned by the furniture brand bplusm and they offer some delicious desserts and coffee in Yeonnam-dong.

Cafe forfork has fantastic view from outside of the window, also, I think it’s better than others. Because they have awesome furnitures to do decoration.

在首爾,真的有很多不同風格的咖啡廳,我相信你絕對可以找到你喜歡的咖啡廳。 而今天我要與你們分享這個簡約風格又有點不同的咖啡廳。

Forfork是一家由家具品牌bplusm擁有的咖啡館,他們在Yeonnam-dong 提供一些美味的甜點和咖啡。 除了 forfork 可以從窗外看到美妙的景色外,我認為它比其他咖啡廳都來得特別, 因為他們有很棒的家具來做裝飾。

The Forfork cafe is combination of white fabric and wooden interior decoration that feels like an open exhibition of furniture designers rather than a cafe. Obviously, the people who created this place have a very good sense of space and art. Efficiently using space and a variety of desktop types will help you enjoy it in here with your friends or individually by yourself.

However, as you can see the last photo of top, one floor is a cafe, second floor is a gallery of cafe that tell you a story of how they build this space from a desolate house, and the third one is a place where they sell furniture.

Forfork 結合了白色織物和木製室內裝飾,感覺就像家具設計師的開放式展覽,而不是一家咖啡館。 顯然,創造這個地方的人有很好的空間感和藝術感。 有效利用空間和各種不同的木桌椅,讓人能在這裡與朋友一起享受這午後的時刻,而你自己來時,也可以很享受在這個空間裡。


white house - order in here

As soon as you walk into Forfork’s space, you can see the white room is where you order. they have a variety of coffee and some desserts that you can choose some beverage to spend your time in here at afternoon. After you finish the order, the waiter will give you a vibrator machine when your order is accomplished that it will vibrate to inform you to get your meal.

一走進 Forfork 的空間裡,第一間白色的小房,是你點餐的地方,他有供應各式的咖啡,還有一些甜點,點完後,他會給你振動器,餐點完成讓你自己來取餐

first floor

when you walk into the first floor, you can see a lot of seat that every each one is very special and totally different style, which you can choose where you want to sit. And I really love this space that the sunlight shines can through the window.


flower shop

In this room next to the white house where you order the meal, it is a flower shop, which you can buy some flowers in here. Especially if you guys are a couple to come here, then it’s time to the men who should buy some flowers to show your love for your girlfriend.


second floor

In second floor, as I said on the second paragraph, you can see their story of this space. Also you can see the first floor from here in different sight.

在二樓,正如我在第二段所說,你可以看到他們關於這個空間的故事。 此外,您可以在不同的視野中看到這裡的一樓。

third floor

The last one! In third floor, you can see lots of beautiful furniture in here. Those furniture are high quality and 90% is made from wood, which is very comfortable if you use it in your house.

最後! 在三樓,你可以在這裡看到許多漂亮的家具。 這些家具是高品質的,90%是由木材製成,我相信如果你在家裡使用它,這是非常舒適的。

There are seldom people come here on weekdays, I don’t know what the weekend is like. But this comfortable interiors, the proper sun and a good choice of music that is neither loud nor loose, which is maximizing comfort. Well, If I come to Seoul next time, I defintely will come here again.

工作日很少有人來這裡,我不知道周末是什麼樣的。 但是這種舒適的室內設計,適當的陽光和音樂的良好選擇既不大也不鬆散,最大限度地提高了舒適度! 如果我下次來到首爾,我絕對會再次來到這裡。


  • Telephone : No
  • Address : 245-63, Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
  • Hours : 12: 00 ~ 22: 00
  • Since2018/11
  • Instagram@forfork_cafe
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