Beautiful Notre dame de Paris

Notre-Dame de Paris

Notre-Dame de Paris is call Our Lady of Paris.

Notre-Dame de Paris is call Our Lady of Paris which means she has been one of the most enduring and symbolic monuments of the French capital and among the most celebrated cathedrals in Europe.

She is builded in 12th and 13th centuries, is considered one the world’s finest examples of gothic architecture, thanks to its pioneering use of rib vaults and flying buttresses, as well as its striking stained-glass rose windows.


From inside, you can see every effort by artisans who worked on the Cathédrale which how heartbreak to saw when it is burned by fire.

Every time when I off work, I always love to passed by to saw it and saw every tourist took their phone and camera to photo it as their memory and sometime I’ll go to inside to pray as every parisian do.

The cathedral was immortalised in popular culture by Victor Hugo in his Gothic novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame, later turned into a Disney film so I believe it would never ever disappear in every parisian mind.


維克多·雨果(Victor Hugo)在Gothic小說《巴黎圣母院(The Hunchback of Notre Dame)》中通過流行文化使這座大教堂永垂不朽,後來又改成迪斯尼電影,因此我相信它永遠不會消失在每個巴黎人的腦海中。

Notre Dame is more than a symbol

Notre Dame is more than a symbol, it is the soul of France.

As you can see the image of the fire that it was discovered at 6.43pm local time at the base of the spire, which was constructed of wood and lead in the 19th century. However the flames quickly spread to the cathedral’s ribbed roof, made up of hundreds of oak beams, some dating back to the 13th century.

The 500 firefighters at the scene had battled to prevent the flames reaching the two belfry towers, where the cathedral bells hang. Miraculously they saved the edifice which Gabriel Plus, a spokesman for the Paris fire service, said: “We are satisfied and grateful that in risking their lives [firefighters] safeguarded the structure of the two belfries, the towers”.

Monseigneur Michel Aupetit, the archbishop of Paris, said “When we arrived yesterday evening we wanted to cry and people were crying around us because Notre Dame is a symbol; more than a symbol, it is the soul of France.”

如你所見,在當地時間6.43pm在尖塔的底部發現了火,這個尖塔是用木頭建造的,於19世紀所建造。 由於火焰迅速蔓延到大教堂的肋骨屋頂,屋頂由數百根橡木橫梁組成,有些勝制可以追溯到13世紀。

現場的500名消防員進行了戰鬥,以防止火焰到達教堂鐘聲懸掛的兩個鐘樓。 他們奇蹟般地保存了巴黎消防局發言人加布里埃爾·普拉斯(Gabriel Plus)所說的建築物:“我們感到滿意和感激,因為他們冒著生命危險[消防員]保護了兩個鐘樓的結構,即塔樓。”

巴黎大主教大臣米歇爾·奧佩蒂特(Michel Aupetit)說:“昨天晚上到達時,我們想哭,人們在哭泣,因為巴黎圣母院是一個像徵。 不僅僅是像徵,它是法國的靈魂。”

Notre Dame will rise again

It is the cathedral of French cathedrals, with one of the longest and richest of histories, to many Parisians, the 850-year-old landmark is quite simply the heart of their city, its two Gothic square towers rising above surrounding buildings along the river Seine.

The former mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoë could barely conceal his emotion saying “It’s an inestimable loss … Notre-Dame de Paris has to live. We must not resign ourselves to this … this is the heritage of all humanity.”

Our lady of Paris, Notre Dame, she’ll require our patience for years to come. Until then, her ruins should stand as a reminder of how fragile our history is. I hope she will also inspire a new generation to learn the dying crafts that will eventually see her restored and keep the artistry alive. Here’s to our Notre Dame, who will continue to inspire even at her darkest moment.


巴黎前市長貝特朗·德拉諾(BertrandDelanoë)幾乎無法掩飾自己的悲傷說:“這是一筆不可估量的損失……巴黎圣母院必須重生。 我們一定不要屈服於此……這是全人類的遺產。”

我們的巴黎女士巴黎圣母院(Notre Dame),將需要我們多年的耐心。 在此之前,她的受損提醒著我們歷史的脆弱性。 我希望她還將激勵新一代學習垂死的手工藝品,這些手工藝品最終將使她恢復健康並保持藝術性。 這是我們的巴黎圣母院,即使在她最黑暗的時刻,她也將繼續激發靈感

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