what things that you can do in Seattle.


The biggest city in the Pacific Northwest has a diverse population, a surplus of public parks and leafy residential neighbourhoods on surrounding hills.

Setting off the space age urban environment of the Seattle Center and the cluster of skyscrapers downtown, Seattle is ensconced in glorious natural scenery, which I was attracted by that.

Therefore I want to share a list of actually amazing things to do in Seattle, ranging from iconic tourist attractions that locals truly love, to insider stuff that you probably would never find on your own.




1. Go outside and enjoy lush nature

The first reason that I love Seattle is because nature!

The No.1 reason people move to Seattle is they really like the great outdoors. That said, you don’t have to go trail riding or rock climbing to get in on the action, all you have to do is go for a jog around Green Lake, or ride the Burke Gilman Trail, or hit any of number of other outdoor exercise spots around town.


人們搬到西雅圖的第一大原因是他們真的很喜歡戶外活動。 就是說,你不必參加越野跑或攀岩就可以參加比賽,你所要做的就是去綠湖附近慢跑,騎伯克·吉爾曼步道或打其他任何一個 城鎮周圍的戶外運動場所。

2. Get coffee at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery

[ Attraction ]The Original Starbucks Coffee in Seattle

[ Café ]Starbucks reserve roastery in Seattle

In Seattle, there is the ”original” Starbucks in Pike Place Market. Actually the first location opened down the street in 1971, moved to the current address five years later. Once you get to there, you will see crowds from the outside, that they get in line for visit it. However, you can hit the Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room in Pike/Pine, where you get an intimate view of both the roasting and the brewing process, and you can try things like whiskey barrel-aged cold brew.

在西雅圖,派克市場(Pike Place Market)有“原始”星巴克。 實際上,第一個地點是1971年在街上開業的,五年後移至目前的地址。 到達那里後,你會看到外面的人群,他們排隊等候參觀。 但是,你可以前往派克的儲備燒烤和品嚐室,在那裡你可以親眼目睹燒烤和釀造過程,還可以嘗試威士忌酒桶裝陳年冷釀。

3. You have to visit Pike Place Market

[ Local Market ]Pike place market in Seattle

I think it’s the best farmers market in the United-States. If you have read my previous article, then you probably know that I love to go to traditational market, when I went to abroad. However, it’s rarely that you can go to the local market in America, because America is a well-known country of super market. In Pike Place Market, you can see lots of the myriad bars and restaurants lining Post Alley, which give you practically endless options.

我認為這是美國最好的傳統市場。 如果你之前有閱讀我以前的文章,那麼你可能知道我去國外時喜歡去傳統市場。 然而,在美國很難會有傳統市場,因為美國是著名的超級市場國家。 在派克市場(Pike Place Market),您可以看到Post Alley內襯的眾多酒吧和餐館,為您提供幾乎無窮的選擇。

4.Ride the iconic Great Wheel

It’s hard to believe that one of Seattle’s most iconic attractions is also one of its youngest. Since it opened in June of 2012, thousands of Seattle families and tourists have flocked to the Seattle waterfront to ride the ginormous Ferris wheel perched high above Pier 57. But believe it or not, there are many families who have never taken a ride. The next time you’re looking for things to do in Seattle, head to The Seattle Great Wheel to get a bird’s-eye view of the city like no other.

很難相信西雅圖最標誌性的景點之一也是它最年輕的景點之一。 自2012年6月開放以來,成千上萬的西雅圖家庭和遊客湧向西雅圖濱水區,乘坐57號碼頭高處的巨大摩天輪。但不管你相信與否,有許多家庭從未騎過。 下次在西雅圖尋找活動時,前往西雅圖摩天輪,一覽無餘的城市美景。

*Telephone : (206) 623-8600

*Address : 1301 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98101

*Hours : Monday-Thurday 11am-10pm

                Friday 11am-12am

                Saturday 10am-12am

                Sunday 10am-10pm

*Admission : Adults (12+) – $14

                       Seniors – $12

                       Children ( 4-11 ) – $9

*Website :

5. Indulge in world-famous dumplings

Being a Taiwanese, I’m very proud of our xiao long bao, it was my favorite food in my chlildhood. lol Din Tai Fung is boasting dozens of locations in Asia, but only available in Southern California and Seattle in the US. The Din Tai Fung famed dumplings are definitely worth a stop, and not just for their signature pork xiao long bao, but also for the chance to watch their army of white-coated chefs meticulously making the very morsels you’re about to eat way too many of.

作為台灣人,我為我們的小籠包感到非常自豪,這是我小時候最喜歡的食物。 鼎泰豐在亞洲擁有數十個分支機構,但在美國,只有在南加州和美國西雅圖提供。 鼎泰豐著名的餃子絕對值得一遊,不僅是因為他們的招牌豬肉小籠包,而且還因為有機會觀看他們的白衣廚師大軍精心製作出您將要吃的小雜碎 很多。

6. The best PHO in Seattle.

In my mind, the first one that I love Vietnamese restaurant is PHO EVER in Belleuve.

I don’t know when I start to love pho. I guess is probably that time when I went to Ho Chi Minh city, that I had have a bowl of local pho. While Seattle’s Vietnamese scene extends well beyond pho, that aromatic noodle soup is still the dish most closely associated with the cuisine. A typical bowl consists of steamy broth — cooked low and slow, usually clear yet infused with fatty richness from animal bones and highly fragrant thanks to spices like star anise and cinnamon — brimming with meat, fresh vegetables, and rice noodles. In my mind, the first one that I love Vietnamese restaurant is PHO EVER in Belleuve.

我不知道何時開始愛河粉。 我想大概是當我去胡志明市的時候,我有一碗當地的河粉。 儘管西雅圖的越南風味遠不止於pho,但那香辣湯麵仍然是與美食聯繫最緊密的菜。 一個典型的碗是由蒸騰的肉湯組成的-煮得慢而慢,通常清晰而又充滿動物骨骼的脂肪豐富,並且由於八角茴香和肉桂等香料而具有很高的香氣-充滿肉類,新鮮蔬菜和米粉。 在我看來,我最喜歡越南餐廳的一家是Belleuve中的PHO EVER。
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