Ways to wear the white shoes.

white shoes

White sneakers are one of the most versatile types of shoes you’ll ever own, which there are staples you must go with for the all seasons. The white shoes is my favorite that you can see so many different white sneakers in my shoe cabinet, also you can saw the white shoes in many of my outfits. Therefore today I want to share some of tips to wear the white shoes.

白色運動鞋是你永遠擁有的用途最廣泛的鞋子之一,在所有季節中,都適合穿它。 白鞋是我的最愛,你除了可以在我的鞋櫃中看到這麼多不同的白色運動鞋外,也可以在我的許多穿搭中看到白鞋。 因此,今天我想分享一些穿白鞋的技巧。


This is a super business casual warm weather outfit that pretty much any female will look great in. However, I want this outfit is more business casual style, which I was wearing the jean jacket to match T-shirt with trousers in this outfit.

這是一款商務休閒適合在保暖天氣穿的服裝,幾乎所有女性都喜歡。然而,我希望這套服裝更具商務休閒風格,我穿著 牛仔夾克 搭配 T恤 和 西裝褲 搭配。

leather jacket

If you wanna look more cool style, then you can’t without the leather jacket. However, I think the best style for the black leather jacket is all-black, which you can match the white shoes.

如果你想要看起來更酷的風格,那麼就不能沒有皮夾克。 然而,我認為黑色皮夾克的最佳風格是全黑,可以輕易與白鞋搭配。


Outfit : fashion in suit

Outfit : Cropped blazer is in.

Outfit : All Black for Work.


When women wear suits, in addition to high heels, white shoes are definitely the best choice for you.


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