Runway – Chanel FW Ready to Wear 2020-21

Chanel - Ready to wear

Speaking of Paris, what do you think of? You maybe will think of Eiffel Tower, Louvre etc, which those are structural. Others are theoretical, like love and liberty. In such a cosmopolitan city, the namely the River Seine has literally and figuratively carved its path into the annals of history. However, thanks to Chanel, taken center stage at Paris Fashion Week.

The storied French maison has long been a proponent of celebrating the best of the City of Light. The founder Co Co Chanel, a very talented and creative fashion designer who changed the world of fashion. After Co Co Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld that under the helm of its, the joie de vivre of the Latin Quarter have all inspired their design sensibilities; however, Virginie Viard, who is a faithful steward of the brand, has followed in their example.

說到巴黎,你會想起什麼? 您可能會想到艾菲爾鐵塔,盧浮宮等,這些都是結構性的。 其他則是理論上的,例如愛情和自由。 在這樣一個國際大都市中,塞納河(River Seine)從字面上和形像上都刻畫了自己的歷史之路。 然而,得益於香奈兒(Chanel)在巴黎時裝週上的關注。

這座傳說中的法國女士長期以來一直是慶祝光之城最好的擁護者。 創始人 Co Co Chanel是一位非常有才華和創造力的時裝設計師,他改變了時尚界。 在香奈兒(Co Chanel)和卡爾·拉格斐(Karl Lagerfeld)的領導下,拉丁區(Latin Quarter)的歡樂生活都激發了他們的設計敏感性。 然而,忠實管理品牌的Virginie Viard 效仿了他們的榜樣。

Today was a really good day for the French Maison. Indeed, the Grand Palais created a Chanel space rocket, a ocean liner, the Eiffel Tower and a tropical beach as a setting for the Fall/Winter 2020 runway show.

And now I am going to share some point that I got in this show.

-Colorful Accessories.

-Button style pants

-Perfect Green

-Classic Black

-Puff sleeve

-Ruffled blouses


今天對於法國人來說真是美好的一天。 的確,大皇宮創造了香奈兒(Chanel)太空火箭、遠洋客輪、艾菲爾鐵塔和熱帶海灘,作為2020年秋冬時裝秀的背景。


Colorful Accessories.

As soon as I saw those colorful accessories show up, One photo just pop up in my head, which is the Vouge cover featured Israeli model Michaela Bercu wearing Guess jeans and a Christian Lacroix Hatue Couture that is made by Anna Wintour.

當我看到這些色彩鮮豔的配飾出現時,我腦海中突然浮現出一張照片,就是Vouge封面上的照片,模特是以色列模特Michaela Bercu,穿著Guess牛仔褲和Christian Lacroix Hatue Couture,這是Anna Wintour製作的。

Button Style Pants

Couple years ago, Adidas has has launched the button style pants. At that time, I almost gonna buy that pants, but it’s too hard to buy. And now I know it’s gonna be popular again since I saw this button style pants show up in Chanel show.

幾年前,Adidas 有推出這種鈕扣式褲子。 當時我幾乎要買那條褲子,但是太難買到了。 現在,我知道它會再次流行,因為我在Chanel秀場上看到了這種鈕扣式褲子。

Perfect Green

To be honest, I barely buy the green stuff for my clothes until now. I don’t know why that Chanel can make green to be so stunning, which it made me want to buy some green clothes. lol

老實說,直到現在我幾乎都沒有買綠色的衣服。 我不知道為什麼香奈兒(Chanel)可以使綠色如此驚艷,這讓我想買些綠色的衣服了。 

Classic Black

When it’s come to the winter, black is always in the main line, especially in Chanel. As you know the Co Co Chanel, who created the Chanel, she said ” I imposed Black; it’s still going strong today, For Black, wipes out everything else around. ”, which she know black is always classic.

到了冬天,黑色總是占主導地位,尤其是在香奈兒。 如您所知,創建香奈兒的Co Co Chanel,她說:我強加了黑色; 今天,它仍然很強大,對於黑色,它會消滅周圍的所有其他內容。 她知道黑色永遠是經典。

Puff sleeve

When I wrote an article of Fendi Runway, I know puff sleeve is gonna be very popular in this year; however, I saw it in Chanel show again, then I can guarantee you that puff sleeve is going to be the main line in 2020’s winter.

Runway- FW Ready to Wear 2020 FENDI in MILAN

當我寫 Fendi 秀的文章時,我知道泡泡袖子今年會很受歡迎。 然而,我再次在香奈兒(Chanel)秀場上看到了它,那麼我可以向你保證,泡泡袖子一定成為2020年冬季的主要流行之一。

Ruffled blouses

The ruffled blouses that will forever be known as “the pirate shirt.” But for me, just like in 70’s style. This detail is also show up in Celine’s runway, which it’s apparently gonna sweep away fashion world.

Runway – FW Ready to Wear 2020-21 Celine

荷葉邊的上衣總是被稱為“海盜襯衫”。 但是對我來說,就像70年代的風格一樣。 Celine 的時裝秀上也清楚顯示了這一細節,這顯然將席捲時尚界。

My favorite top 5

Actually it’s really hard to find the top 5 on this show, because I like most of them.

實際上,很難找到我的 top 5名,因為我大部分都喜歡。

lack something or too much details.

I think some of those 5 are lack some details, like first one I think the waistline probably need to be more distinct. On the other hand, the last one is too much details, which makes to complicate.

我認為這5套有一些缺少一些細節,例如第一個,我認為腰圍可能需要更明顯一點。 另一方面,我認為最後一個細節太多,變得太複雜。

For this CHANEL Fall-Winter 2020/21 Ready-to-Wear collection, lots of black and white. Just a few touches of pale green and the emblematic pink of the House. A softness. An outline, punctured with imposing jewellery. For this collection I like it a lot and know more details on what’s gonna popular again. So what do you think about this show? Do you have your favorite top 5?

對於這個CHANEL 2020/21秋冬成衣系列裡有很多黑色和白色。然後還有一些淡綠色和標誌性粉紅色。柔軟。輪廓,點綴著氣派的珠寶。對於這個系列,我非常喜歡它,並且知道更多再次流行的細節。 那麼你覺得這場秀如何呢? 你有自己喜歡的前五名嗎?

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