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With travel bloggers, foodies and the fashion girls flocking, it seems like Pink Mamma is the place to be – and to take a photo in Paris.

In Paris, there are so many famous restaurants, you can find. However, I found the restaurant that I love the most, which is PINK MAMMA. This one is a Italian restaurant that was opened in 2017 and it only spends one year to be famous, which every influencers from different country will come to eat when they come to Paris.

Pink MAMMA is came from Big Mamma Group which is the sixth episode of the love story continues: after the roaring successes of Ober Mamma, East Mamma, Mamma Primi, Pizzeria Popolare, Big love caffee. Victor Lugger and Tigrane Seydoux are the two shrewd owners .

在巴黎,有很多著名的餐館。但是,我找到了我最喜歡的餐廳,就是PINK MAMMA。這是一家意大利餐廳,於2017年開業,僅用了一年的時間就出名了,來自不同國家的每一個有影響力的人到巴黎時都會來用餐。

Pink MAMMA來自Big Mamma Group,這是愛情故事的第六集:繼Ober Mamma,East Mamma,Mamma Primi ,Pizzeria Popolare, Big love caffee 大獲成功之後。Victor Lugger和Tigrane Seydoux,這兩位精明的老闆,又開啟了PINK MAMMA。

PINK MAMMA is designed with 720 square meters and a total of four floors, each level with its own identity from the street level to the rooftops.Throughout the building, Victor Lugger and Tigrane Seydoux revolutionized Fiorentina, which the design inspiration comes from the trattoria style of Florence, Italy. It feels gorgeous but not too fancy and giving the feeling of warmth.

In the top floor, there are a huge glass skylight that have the natural light and you can get the perfect picture when you take a photo in here. Also they using green as the main tone, I believe if you see this design you will love it and you will chose this floor to be your favorite one.

PINK MAMMA設計為720平方米,共有四層,每層都有獨特的設計!整個建築中,Victor Lugger和Tigrane Seydoux徹底改變了佛羅倫薩,其設計靈感來自意大利佛羅倫薩的飲食風格。感覺很華麗但不太花哨,給人溫暖的感覺。


First floor is retro style, with vintage tapestries and an open-plan bar.



Menus presented to us, we were greeted by a lovely waiter who immediately recommend the best meal on the menu to us, the sharing steaks, along with their white wine. As a first impression, I was massively keen by it.


Main Cuisine


It’s such a beautiful space that it seems only right to make the most of your time there. Order a starter: we tried the BE MY LOBSTER PASTA (Eur 24/portion). This pasta is the best pasta I ever had that tastes really good as well as fresh lobster and mussels. A portion is really gigantic which made us so full. As you can see in the last photo on top, it’s only can order by 2 people.

The recipe? Always the same: a bustling queue of eager fans anticipating freshly sourced ingredients imported directly from Italy and waiters as authentic as any you’ll find in Rome.

這是一個如此美麗的空間,充分利用你的時間似乎是對的。我們嘗試了BE MY LOBSTER PASTA(24歐元/部分)。這個義大利麵是我吃過的最好的義大利,上面有著新鮮的龍蝦和貽貝,味道真的很好。這一份義大利的份量真的是巨大的,使我們變得如此飽滿。如您在上方的最後一張照片中所看到的,它只能由2個人點。


Tiramisu is my favorite dessert that I have to try it in Italian restaurant to see what’s different than others. Because unlike most traditional Italian dishes with a history dating back many centuries ago, the tiramisu seems to be a relatively recent creation. Food historians have indicated that the creation of the tiramisu may have occurred during the late 1970’s or early 1980’s in northern Italy.

As you can see in the video, the waiter will come to your table and give you tiramisu that how much they want to give you.



They don’t take reservations at Pink Mamma, so it’s first come first serve.

You can hear the staff inside pumping themselves up before opening the doors. There was a round of jovial shouting in French before they counted down and opened the doors.

Tip: if you’re going for dinner; they open doors at 7pm, but get there a bit early because there most definitely will be a line. Can’t make it before 7? No worries, there’s three floors so the line moves fairly quick.




All in all, Pink Mamma’s rooftop is undoubtedly, one of the most Instagrammable locations. Yes, it’s worth it. The food is pretty, tasty and well priced and server was so great. I’d definitely will come back again, also I will try some of the other restaurants in their group.

總而言之,Pink Mamma的屋頂無疑是最受歡迎的Instagram 地點之一。是的,值得。食物很漂亮,很好吃,而且價格合理,服務員也很棒。我一定會再來的,我也會嘗試他們團隊中的其他一些餐館。


  • Telephone : No
They don’t take reservations at Pink Mamma, so it’s first come first serve.
  • Address : 20bis Rue de Douai
  • Hours : Monday – Wednesday : 12:00am – 2:15pm, 6:45pm – 10:45pm

                Thursday – Friday : 12:00am – 2:15pm, 6:45pm – 11:00pm

                Saturday : 12:00am – 3:00pm, 6:45pm – 11:00pm

                Sunday : 12:00am – 3:00pm, 6:45pm – 10:45pm

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