Outfit : Autumn is coming.

Autumn is coming

What is your favorite season?

Are you ready to say goodbye with bathing suits and hello to long sleeve? If you have read my article before, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with winter, which I’m so happy that autumn is coming. Although, if you’re not fully ready to commit to long clothes or you’re not ready to put away your summer staples yet, then don’t sweat it. This year fall outfits include all of the best cozy pieces, like sweatpants etc. Even some of your fave, warm-weather clothes, like your go-to jean shorts or short-sleeve tees, are included. And now I want to share this outfit with you that it’s absolutely can wear it in autumn.


你準備好與泳衣說再見了,向長袖問好嗎? 如果你以前讀過我的文章,你就會知道我非常迷戀冬天,所以秋天到了,讓我感到非常高興。 如果你還沒有準備好穿長衣服,或者還沒有準備好放下夏季必備的衣服,那就不要流汗。 今年秋季的服裝包括所有最好的舒適服裝,例如運動褲等。甚至還包括一些您最喜歡的溫暖天氣的服裝,例如,牛仔短褲或短袖T卹。 現在,我想與你分享這套穿搭,是絕對可以在秋天穿的。

The details & How do I dressing up:

I really love this chiffon blouses with white polka-dot that I bought it from Zara in Paris. As you may know that Zara has a knack of creating pieces that sell out immediately, which this one was the last one when I bought it. lol

The easiest way to wear these trending blouses is with a pair of white or blue-wash jeans to keep the focus on the blouses. However, I wearing the black fish tail skirt to match this white blouses and don’t forget the rule that I’ve mentioned in 5 rules of a french women, which you have to using the accessories make some details.

Follow 5 rules of style as a french women





Hat : Emffei

Top : Zara

Shoes : Alexander Mcqueen

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