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Taylor Swift

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift?

Honestly, I’m not. When I know Taylor Swift, that it was a year I became of a freshmen in high school. At that time, my English was really poor, but my high school has a English summer camp, which everyone have yo attend it before a new semester start; however, there are so many foreigner coach to talk with us in English. I remember the music class at that time, the teacher played a number of songs, one of was Taylor’s love story, which is also a song she started to be famous for. When I listened to her music, I couldn’t believe she was 19, for she was only 4 years older than me.

Since then, I sometimes listen to her music, that I admire her what she have ability and talent to become a singer until she got lots of scandal while she involved into some relationship, friendship and soap drama.

Couple days ago, the Miss Americana was released on Netflix, that was Taylor Swift’s documentary. After I watched the trailer, I spend an hour and a half to watch it. However, I just learn something that I am going to share with you and I’m sure you will like her more too, if you read it and watch Miss Americana.


老實說,我不是。當我知道泰勒斯(Taylor Swift)時,那時我高一。那時,我的英語真的很差,但是我的高中有一個英語夏令營,每個人都必須在開學前參加它。然而,在夏令營裡有很多的外國教練用英語與我們交談(我想他們應該是不會說中文吧)。我記得那時的音樂課,老師放了多首歌曲,其中一首就是泰勒斯的love story,這也是她開始著名的一首歌。當我聽她的音樂時,我簡直不敢相信她19歲,因為她只比我大4歲。



Miss Americana, is the documentary that telling Taylor Swift what she has gradually be a famous singer from a little girl who loves country music. Many well-known singers will release personal documentaries to record their love for music, the bitterness behind the scenery, and quietly respond to some drama that them have been involved. “Miss Americana” certainly has no such things, but it is unexpected that it’s about Taylor Swift How to participate in society, such as political election that most of celebrity won’t to talk about it in public.

《美國小姐》講述了泰耶斯從一個熱愛鄉村音樂的小女孩逐漸成為一位著名歌手的故事。 許多知名歌手將發行個人紀錄片,記錄他們對音樂的熱愛,風景背後的辛酸,並靜靜地回應他們所被扯進的醜聞。 “美國小姐”當然沒有這樣的東西,但是出乎意料的是,泰勒·斯威夫特如何參與社會,例如政治選舉,大多數名人都不會在公開場合談論它。

1. fame

If you eat food, have energy, get stronger, you can do all these shows.

Taylor didn’t lose herself at the beginning, because she love that audience will applaud for her after her show. But day after day she have been cared about everything talk about her, such like Did she get fat? or Did she change her boyfriend ? etc. I think this is the cost that you become famous in world, which everyone will magnify your every action.

I thought Taylor have an incredible body shape like a top-model who walking on the runway and I also thought she didn’t do anything to keep it, until I watched this documentary. Actually she have been treated herself in harder way to control her diet, to have a perfect body shape and being unhappy person that she didn’t eat delicious food.

I think she was right that what she said ”If you eat food, have energy, get stronger, you can do all these shows.” Of curse it is!!! If you don’t eat, then you will be more unhappier.

There’s always some standard of beauty that you’re not meeting. Cause if you’re thin enough, then you don’t have that ass that everyone wants. But if you have enough weight on you to have an ass, then you’re stomach isn’t flat enough. It’s impossible that you have an awesome ass and don’t have tummy.





2. Family

you gotta be able to really prioritize what matters to you.

For Taylor is Family, Friend, that just same as mine. If you don’t have family, then you can’t be who you are now, which family is the most important people for you. Therefore, I won’t make friends with those who don’t care about their family.

In this documentary, you can see that Taylor’s mother had cancer in couple years ago, which it was a tough time for her that I am totally sympathetic to her experience. Three years ago, my mom got stroke, which it been really hard time for my family. However we came through the most hard year together and getting better gradually.

All I want to say is you have to cherish every moment that you can spend with your family. Probably some people don’t feel the same way and don’t know why they need to do it, that I think it’s only when you realize that no one can stay forever will you learn to cherish every moment you have together.


對泰勒而言是家庭,朋友。完全和我一樣。因為你如果沒有家人,那麼你現在根本不會成為現在的你,也就是說家人是最重要的。 因此,我不會與那些不在乎家人的人交朋友。

在這個紀錄片,你可以知道泰勒的母親幾年前得了癌症,這對她來說是艱難的時刻。我完全對他的經驗很有感覺。 三年前,我的母親得了中風,這對我的家人來說確實很艱難。 但是,我們在一起度過了最艱難的一年,並逐漸變得更好。

我想說的是,你必須珍惜與家人共度的每一刻。 也許有些人不會有相同的感覺,也不知道為什麼需要這樣做,我只能說:只有當你意識到沒有人可以永遠留下來時,你才會學會珍惜彼此在一起的每一刻。

3. stand for female

I just need you to forgive me for doing it, cause I’m doing it.

Someone inappropriately grab his hand up into Taylor’s skirt and Taylor told his boss, which he got fired. However he sued Taylor for 1 million, Taylor was angry about why female need to treated like that. So Taylor countersued him. This is the reaon why she public support for the two US Democratic candidates in 2018, which it has caused public talking about it, bacuse of it’s the first time that she state her political stance since her debut.

The person that Taylor don’t want to spport is because Blackburn votes against fair pay for women and against reauthorization of the violence against women. This is basically protecting women from domestic abuse and stalking.

After she posted an Instagram post, registered voters increased rapidly by 65,000 in 24 hours. The election has seen its personal influence by Taylor. Although the final election failed, Taylor Swift mentioned it in Miss Americana that she hope more young people will become registered voters in a few years, and she is full of hope for the future.

Seen from the documentary, the team and family are worried about her own safety and her image is damaged by this action. And she didn’t waver and said “I just need you to forgive me for doing it, cause I’m doing it.”



她發布了Instagram帖子後,註冊選民在24小時內迅速增加了65,000。這次選舉已受到泰勒的個人影響。儘管最終選舉失敗,泰勒·斯威夫特(Taylor Swift)在美國小姐中提到,她希望幾年內更多年輕人成為登記選民,她對未來充滿希望。


4. came out from the rock bottom

when people fall out of love with you, there’s nothing you can do to make them change their mind. They just don’t love anymore.

In here, it’s talk a little bit about Kanye West things, which it was really hurt her since 2009 at music award and 2016 the phone call drama. Even she is telling the truth, nobody believe in her. So she disappear for one year to stay calm and also have a new life with her boyfriend.

In life, you always face some things that it’s really hard for you. But this is life, which you have to find the way to out. Instead of you didn’t recover after the devastated things happened on you. Well, I’m really sure that the truth will always come out in someday. If you’re not doing the wrong thing, then just keep you way to do the things that you wanna do.

在這裡,有些談論坎耶·韋斯特(Kanye West)的事情,自2009年獲得音樂獎和2016年電話事件以來,確實傷害了她。 即使她說的是實話,也沒有人相信她。 因此,她消失了一年以保持鎮定,並與男友有了新的生活。在生活中,你總是會遇到一些對你來說真的很難的事情。 但這就是生活,你必須找到解決之道。 而不是一蹶不振。我真的相信事實總有一天會出現。 如果你沒有做錯事,那麼請按照自己的方式做想做的事情。

5. keep passion on what you love.

In the end, you also can see how much she love music and keep it to make good music, which that spirit is I really need to learn. I believe some people don’t have passion on their work or career, they will keep do it, is only for maintain their basically life. Day after day, I’m pretty sure that you gonna tired in someday and you will lose the direction of you life.

The most important in life, I think is your passion and interesting. Once you don’t have those, then you will frustrated one day. I’m really happy that I found the way to keep my passion on the things what I did now, even I spend one year to figure it out. I hope you guys can find your own way to keep you to move on and have passion on it.

最後,你還可以看到她對音樂的熱愛並保持出色的音樂創作能力,這是我真正需要學習的精神。 我相信有些人對工作或職業沒有熱情,他們會繼續這樣做,只是為了維持自己的基本生活。 日復一日,我很確定你會在某一天感到疲倦,並且會失去生活的方向。

我認為人生中最重要的是你的熱情和有趣。 一旦沒有這些,您將有一天感到沮喪。 我很高興能找到一種方法來保持對現在所做的事情的熱情,即使我花了一年的時間也能弄清楚。 我希望你們能找到適合自己的方式,讓你繼續前進並對此充滿熱情。

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