[ Attraction ]Le mur des je t’aime in Paris

Le mur des je t'aime

A must-see for couples spot in Paris.

Everyone say Paris is the place where is the most romantic city, which you can find this The I Love You Wall, a work of art conceived by Frédéric Baron and Claire Kito, is a must-see for couples from all over the world visiting Paris.

The wall, covering a surface area of 40m², is composed of 612 squares of enamelled lava, on which ‘I love you’ features 311 times in 250 languages. 

每個人都說巴黎是最浪漫的城市,所以在這裡你可以找到這座由弗雷德里克·巴倫(FrédéricBaron)和克萊爾·基托(Claire Kito)所構思的藝術品“我愛你的牆”,這是世界各地來巴黎旅遊的情侶必去的地方 。


I saw the Chinese, Korean and Japanese version. Do you find the language that you know in I love you?

As the matter of of fact, I don’t know what does the red part doing in here, until I know this art’s meaning behind. The splashes of red on the fresco represent parts of a broken heart, symbolizing the human race which has been torn apart and which the wall tries to bring back together. This unusual monument, dedicated to love, is located on the square at Place des Abbesses in Montmartre.

我看到了中文、韓文和日文版本。 你有找到「我愛你」你所知道的語言嗎?

實際上,我不知道其中紅色的部分在做什麼,直到我知道背後的藝術含義。 壁畫上的紅色飛濺代表著破碎的心的一部分,象徵著人類被撕裂了,牆壁試圖將其凝聚在一起。 這座獻給愛情的非同尋常的紀念碑位於蒙馬特的阿貝西斯廣場上的廣場上。

In 1992, Frédéric Baron dreamed of a world tour dedicated to couples. This trip will take place at a party in the streets of Paris. First, he asked his brother, and then foreign neighbors to write these words of I love you in their language and so on, it collected 1,000 “I love you” written in more than 300 languages and dialects.

With the help of calligrapher Claire Kitto, he assembled all these verses and planned to reproduce them in them. He then commissioned the creation of his work to an artist who specializes in painting windows. However, this art just show up in the Paris, the city of outstanding lovers.


在書法家克萊爾·基托(Claire Kitto)的幫助下,他組裝了所有這些經文,並設想在牆上複製它們。然後,他將作品的創作委託給了一位專門研究粉刷牆壁的藝術家。而然這個藝術作品就在巴黎這個浪漫城市出現了!

Probably next time I won’t be alone.

Every time I came here, I always can see lots of couples wait to take photo together that they can have a great memory in here. Sometime I just jealous them that they can find each other and have a trip also awesome memory in this romantic city. Despite I want to have a great lover can stay with me, I don’t want to waste time to be with a wrong relationship. Because the fate will take me to meet him one day. Before I meet him, I will try my best to be a better me. Because the fate determines who enters your life and your actions decide who stays.

每次我來到這裡,總能看到很多夫妻等著合影留念,因為他們可以在這裡留下美好的回憶。 有時候我有點嫉妒他們,因為他們遇見了對方,並且在這個浪漫的城市裡有一段美好的回憶。 儘管我希望有一個很好的戀人可以和我在一起,但我不想浪費時間與錯誤的戀人在一起。 因為命運將帶我去見他一天。 在見到他之前,我會盡力成為一個更好的我。 因為命運決定了誰進入了你的生活,而行動決定了誰留下了。

Love is the way that you can stay together forever.

For me, I think love is different than like, which in every relationship, I’m not easy to say ”I love you”. Love is you can hold each other hands forever until you guys getting old. No matter what kind of hard things happened, you won’t let go of her/him hand.

對我而言,我認為愛不同於喜歡,所以在每個關係中,我都不容易說“我愛你”。 「愛」是你們可以永遠會握著彼此的手,直到你們變老。 無論發生什麼困難,都不會放開她/他的手。


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