[ Restaurant ]Japanese cuisine in Taipei

Japanese cuisine in Taipei

In Taipei, you can find a lot of restaurants from different country as long as you imagine what kind of meal do you want to eat which absolutely cannot without the Japanese one. So i’m going to share this restaurant to you.

Once you go into the restaurant, the elegant appearance is shown before you and the garden landscaping makes people feel as simple and comfortable as they are in Japan! and also you can see it in different way from inside.

On the other side of garden, there are two classic “Famous” Vitra Eames RAR rocking chairs.

在台北,你可以找到很多來自不同國家/地區的餐廳,只要你知道你想吃什麼樣的料理就可以了!所以當然也少不了日本料理了。 因此,今天,我要跟你分享這家餐廳。

進入餐廳後,你會看到優雅的外觀,花園的美化環境使人們感受到與日本一樣的簡單和舒適! 而且你還可以從內部以不同的角度看到它。

在花園的另一側,有兩個經典的“著名” Vitra Eames RAR搖椅。

There are ten seats in front of the bar that is the location where I prefer, because you can see the cooking from master and I think their serious look is very dazzling for me, for the person who don’t know how to cook.



There are two different type menus: one is the set menu without the detail which the master will decide the dish for you and the other is lunch set.

However, we ordered the 1500 NT$ menu which the reason is you don’t know what the master will give you the next dish which is very special, because you will take curious to wait for him.


The tableware is very textured 



“Xuan” sushi is a medium-high sushi restaurant

The meals are great, the seafood is fresh also the sauce is very special that I never try before which is a good experience for me.



I really like to watch the process of chef’s cooking, especially the Japanese cuisine. Many people may think that this is nothing, but for me that I am the person who are not good at cooking is amazing especially when they are making the sushi or using the spray gun.

 Thanks so much for reading and have an amazing weekend.

我真的很喜歡看廚師的烹飪過程,尤其是日本料理。 許多人可能認為這沒什麼,但對一個不擅長烹飪的我來說,我會很佩服他們,尤其是當他們製作壽司或使用噴槍時。



Xuan Sushi

Address: No. 7, Lane 20, Lane 300, Section 4, Ren’ai Road, Daan District, Taipei City

Phone: (02) 2706-9858

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