How to dress for the Pear shaped body? – simple tips

Pear shaped body

Curvy hips, thick thighs, and a full rear are the key characteristics of the pear-shaped body type.

Do you have narrow shoulders with flat stomach and a defined waist but also have curvy hips and bottom so you must buy a larger size for that part of your body?   You are a Triangle, also named “pear shaped body”

Finding clothes that will flatter your pear-shaped body is simple once you know what shapes and styles to look for and which ones to avoid.

Do you know what kind of your body shape is?



1. pear shape body, if you have :

  • narrow shoulders with a smaller bust

  • well-defined waist

  • lower body wider than upper body 

  • full hips and thighs 

  • rounded bottom

  • the ratio of bust : waist : hips is 3 : 2: 4

  • 胸圍狹窄,胸圍較小

  • 腰部分明

  • 下半身比上半身寬

  • 豐滿的臀部和大腿

  • 圓底

  • 胸圍:腰圍:臀部的比例是3 :: 2:4

2. styling goals.

  • Enhance your waistline and arm

  • Add volume to your shoulders and upper body for balanced silhouette

  • Stay away from clothing that draws attention to hips and thighs.

2. 穿搭的技巧:
  • 增強腰圍和手臂

  • 為你的肩膀和上半身增添飽滿感,平衡輪廓

  • 遠離引起臀部和大腿注意的衣服。

3.Those items you should have.

  • High-waist pants and skirts are the best items for the bottom.

  • Ruffled and wide V necklines

  • A-line dresses and skirts to reshape your bottom.

  • Flat front wide leg or straight leg jeans and pants.

  • Statement necklace and patterned scarf 


3. 需要有的單品們:
  • 高腰褲和裙子是最適合底部的物品。

  • 荷葉邊和寬V領

  • A字形連衣裙和裙子可以重塑您的底部。

  • 個性項鍊和圖案圍巾

  • 平前闊腿或直腿牛仔褲和褲子。

4. Keep away from:

  • Bias cut dresses and skirts
  • Baggy tops and tunics
  • Patterns or embellishment details on hips and thighs
  • Pencil, fishtails and tight tube skirts 
  • Low-waisted skinny jeans
4. 必須避免的單品:
  • 斜裁連衣裙和裙子
  • 寬鬆的上衣和上衣
  • 臀部和大腿上的圖案或裝飾細節
  • 鉛筆,魚尾和窄裙
  • 低腰窄牛仔褲

5. Careful the color part.

  • Pants or trousers: simple lines, dark colors. 
  • Skirts: like the pants choose dark colors with no details.
  • Tops: full of details and colors, you can choose almost everything but avoid stiff fabrics. Details on the shoulders is a good choice for you.
5. 小心顏色的部分:
  • 褲子:簡潔的線條,深色。 
  • 裙子:像褲子一樣,選擇沒有細節的深色。
  • 上衣:充滿細節和色彩,您幾乎可以選擇所有東西,但要避免使用硬質面料。 肩部細節是您的理想選擇。


There are different trendy products every year, but not all trendy products are suitable for everyone. As matter of fact, dressed is not difficult that you only need to know and understand what kind of your body shape is, and find the right product for you.


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