Athens – Transportation – from airport to city centre, metro, bus.

Athens is a city with a long history

One of the world’s oldest cities.

The revival of Europe’s classical capital has attracted plenty of artists, curators and digital nomads. However, Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece and is one of the world’s oldest cities.

Now I am going to share the transportations that I used in Athens. Although there are only 3 subway lines in Athens, the main tourist attractions are not far away, which the subway, walking ride Lime is enough.

歐洲古典首都的複興吸引了許多藝術家,策展人和數字游牧民族。 然而,雅典是希臘的首都和最大城市,並且是世界上最古老的城市之一。現在,我將分享我在雅典使用的交通工具。 儘管雅典只有3條地鐵線,但主要的旅遊景點並不遠,乘坐地鐵、走路和騎電動滑板車就很足夠了。

1. From airport to city central.

There are 3 ways that you can go into the city central, which you can take a taxi, bus or train. Well, I‘m a backpacker; thence, I choose the most cheaper way, which is take a bus that one way is 6 euro.

你可以通過3種方式進入市中心:乘坐計程車、公共汽車或火車。 因為,我是自己一個人自主旅行; 因此,我選擇了最便宜的方式,那就是乘坐巴士,一趟是6歐元。

Once you arriving at the Athens airport, you can find the sign of trains and bus, then just follow the sign. After you come out of exit, you can see another sign.

到達雅典機場後,你可以找到火車和巴士的標誌,然後按照標誌行駛即可。 從出口出來後,你就可以看到另一個標誌。

There are 4 routes of express buses from the airport, please check the official website for the routes stop signs and departure time. Athenstransports.

X95: Terminal at Syntagma

X96: Terminal at Piraeus

X93: The terminal is at KIFISOS INTERCITY bus station and you can be transferred to KIFISIAS train station

X97: The terminal is at the ELLINIKO METRO STATION of subway line 2.

However, I took the bus of X95 to the Syntagma that my hostel is near there and it only spend one hour to get there.

從機場出發有4條快車路線,請檢查官方網站上的路線停車標誌和發車時間。 雅典運輸

X95:終點站 :憲法廣場Syntagma

X96:終點站 :Piraeus




You can buy the ticket in the auto-machine or the ticketing station.


The X95 is 24-hour service that have 4 buses per hour, so you don’t need to wait too long.


Just press the button when you gonna getting off.


Once you get off the bus on Syntagma, then you can see the piazza. If you want to back to airport, then you just waiting in the same place where you get off the bus.


There are ticket offices that you can buy the ticket and timetables also post out in here.


I took X95 bus at 4 A.M to the airport and you can see so many people also gonna go to airport. lol Therefore, you don’t need to doubt whether there is a car in the early morning.

我在凌晨4點乘X95公共汽車到機場,你會看到很多人也要去機場。 因此,你不需要懷疑是否在凌晨的時候有沒有車

2. Metro

3 Lines

The Athens Metro currently has only 3 routes, namely the long-established Green Line 1, which opened on February 27, 1869 that it mainly connects the urban area with Piraeus Port. The red Line 2 and blue Line 3 was opened on January 28, 2000.


I didn’t take metro, for those attractions not too far, which most of time I just walk and ride Lime.


There are 6 different tickets that you can choose, which is 24 hours, 5 days, 2 trips, 5 trips, 10+1trips and 90 minutes.  


3. Bus


The blue ones are general buses and the dark orange ones are streetcars. Both can be used for 90-minute transportation tickets. I always love to take a bus to see the city and enjoy the view.



4. Sunshine-Express


This is the urban train of various attractions in the downtown area.


5. Lime


I have to say that Lime is my good friend when I was in Europe, especially in Paris during the strike. If you are tired when you walk, then you can ride lime to where you want to go when don’t find any bus or metro. 

The above is the transportation we used in Athens. The price is cheaper than London, Paris, and Rome. The quality of the ride is good, also is very convenient for connecting major attractions that you don’t need to worry about traffic when you come to Athens!

我不得不說,當我在歐洲,尤其是在罷工期間的巴黎時,Lime真的是我的好朋友。 如果走路走累了,又在找不到公交車或地鐵的情況下,你可以騎它去想要去的地方。


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