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French lifestyle

Some one said if you lived in other country before 25, then this place will effect on you forever which for me definitely is France, Paris that I even want to live in there for the rest of my life. Why? The reason is very simple that I going to share with you, which is their life style that is totally different than the Taiwan where am I from, but I really love it, I even think this city is very appropriate me to live.

There are many things to be said about Paris and its lifestyle: memorable, elegant, outstanding, magnificent which I believe if you ask someone what do you think about Paris, then their answers probably would be the same as me.

有人說如果你在25歲之前住在另一個國家,那麼這個地方將永遠影響你,對我來說絕對是法國,巴黎,我甚至希望我的餘生就住在這裡。 為什麼? 接下來,我要與你分享為什麼,他們的生活方式與我出生在的台灣完全不同,我真的很喜歡它,甚至認為這座城市非常適合我居住。


1.Balance between work and free time

Every self-respecting French will tell you that “We work to live, not the opposite.” I think this is the best in Paris which the official country policy capped the working week to 35-hours, if you work a minute more – you’d be paid double. So, Parisians are making the most of their time spending it on long lunch breaks in the parks, lied down on the grass to enjoy their time or touring the markets after work.

2.Parks and gardens

In Paris, you can find a lot of municipal parks and gardens, covering more than three thousand hectares of the city’s territory. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll never get bored exploring those wonderful places with breathtakingly lovely flower arrangements, green-bush sculptures or just silent woods with ancient trees. and no doubts, Luxembourg Gardens is my favorite one, which there have the waterfalls and cliffs of Parc des Buttes-Chaumont grottos and right in the centre of the capital.


As the one of longest history in the world, in Paris you also can find lots of museum, gallery, opera, etc. which they came from long time ago that they have their own history. Sometimes you can see some people will take their painting tools for work and just sitting on the floor.





2. 公園和花園






In this morden world of 21 century of smart phone that you barely see someone read book in the street or park, but in Paris that you can see lots of people sitting on the bench or lied down on the grass for reading their book, even you can see it when you take metro which this is the biggest reason that I love Paris. Because parisian didn’t addict on phone and use it in every hours.


When it comes to food, France, particularly Paris, is a place where even the most discerning foodies will be satisfied. From the baguettes you can buy from street vending machines, to the patisseries where chocolate is made using 150-year old techniques, Parisians celebrate the love for food on every corner of the city.


From sophisticated experiences, such as going to the opera and visiting art galleries, to open-area mime acts and artistic street performances, you’ll never get bored in Paris, which means you can see lots of parisians will spend their time on those place where they can go, even go to park with their friends to enjoy their time.









I think the French lifestyle is all about the art of living life to the fullest. Living life with pleasure and enjoyment is always a priority, whether that’s through social gatherings, excellent food, or beautiful surroundings. If you have chance to live another country, I think you have to come to Paris for live and you will know what exactly I am saying.



我認為法國的生活方式與生活藝術息息相關。 無論是通過社交聚會,精美的食物還是優美的環境,享受愉悅和愉悅的生活始終是當務之急。 如果您有機會居住在另一個國家,我認為你必須來巴黎生活看看,那麼你就知道我在說什麼。

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