[ Attraction ]3 wonderful view Beach in Santorini, Greece

Red Beach / Black Beach / White Beach

In Santorini, there are 3 wonderful beachs that you have to visit. In this time, I came to Santorini by myself, I only went to red beach with my friend who I met in Oia, which means I didn’t go to white beach and black beach. But I would love to go Santorini with my lover in the future and have a marvelous memory with him. Therefore, I will tell you some simple informations of white beach and black beach. 

White beach

White beach is one of the most charming beaches on Santorini, located on the southern coast of the island, immediately after the red sand beach.

The white beach is named after the white cliffs that protrude behind the small coast, so it can only be reached by boat from Akrotiri port or nearby red sand beaches. The journey takes only 15 minutes.

What to do in White Beach?

The beautiful bay of White Beach that is small and uninhabited, 15 km from the island’s capital Fira. It is composed of black coarse sand and large white and gray pebbles, which is a fantastic idea for snorkeling that you can explore many corners of the coast. There are no facilities, only some sunbeds with umbrellas and a small, cave canteen for the necessary supplies. Owing to its nature, the White Beach is not that popular so it remains quiet and isolated creating an ideal site for relaxation and peaceful moments.

No doubt, the white beach is one of reason that I will come to Santorini again and I will back with my partner. lol

How to visit White Beach ?

1.It can reached by boat from Akrotiri port

2. Take boat from red sand beaches. The journey takes only 15 minutes.

3. You can walk from the neighboring Cambia Beach but the path is not easy to cross it. It is a suitable destination for those who love adventure and the landscape is totally rewarding.












3.你可以從附近的坎比亞海灘(Cambia Beach)步行,但是路徑不容易穿過它。對於那些喜歡冒險的人來說,這是一個合適的目的地,這裡的風景完全是值得的。

Black Sand Beach

Most of Santorini is located at the rim of a volcano, and everywhere you go, you will be reminded of the island’s history of volcanic activity, especially at Black Sand Beach. The volcanic activity on the island is evidenced at this beach in the form of its unique, black sand. Over the centuries, the molten rock from various volcanic eruptions hardened and then eventually broke down due to erosion. As the name implies, the sand is dark and mysterious, while the ocean is beautifully clear and blue. This palette of contrasting colors creates ideal gazing or photo taking opportunities.

What to do in Black Sand Beach?

The tavernas lining the huge stretch of sand have plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, many of which you can use if you order food.

The black sand absorbs the heat, which means that you’ll need to wear your sandals while walking on it. It also might mean that it will be uncomfortable to sit directly on the sand, so you’ll either need to lay down a towel or blanket or sit down on a sun chair.

How to visit Black Sand Beach?

1. Perissa beach is located about a 30-minute-long drive from Santorini Airport and Fira.
2. Take boat from red sand beaches.
3. You can also fly to Milos and take a flight to Santorini Airport from there







1.佩里薩(Perissa)海灘距聖托里尼機場(Santorini Airport)和費拉(Fira)約30分鐘車程。

Red Beach


It’s no wonder people feel so compelled to see Red Beach. It has been widely described as a spectacular, one of kind, unique and Lovely, even me. When I just arrived at red beach, the first sentence that I said is ”This red beach is so beautiful than I ever seen, How can be so spectacular! ” If you ask me which one you have to see when you first to come here, I will tell you that red beach absolutely is my first choice.

Red Beach is one of the most striking beaches of the island and presents rather a rare landscape. If you have several days in Santorini at your disposal, you should include it into your route to fall in love with the island even more.

What to do in Red Beach?

Well just like the white beach and black beach, there are no facilities or water sports on this small beach but you can take pleasure in snorkeling as there are interesting rock formations and rich marine life. Red Beach is naturally sheltered from the wind so it can get quite hot.

How to visit Red Beach?

1. Renting a car in Santorini with as little as 25 euros per day and pick it up directly from the airport, port or your hotel. Using a car rental allows visitors to discover the Red Beach and many other places of interest in Santorini at their own pace.

2. Taking bus from Fira to Red Beach as I did. You can take the bus of the route Fira > Akrotiri. The Red Beach is 10 – 15 minutes away on foot. Fira is where the central bus station of the island is located. There are bus connections between this bus station and the most areas of the island. There are buses to Akrotiri approximately every 1.5 hours.

Tip: Since buses don’t always stop in every scheduled stop of their itinerary, our advice to visitors is to inform the driver about their final destination, so that he makes a stop there.


它被廣泛描述為一種壯觀的,親切的,獨特的和可愛的,甚至我也是。難怪人們會如此迫不得已地去看Red Beach。當我剛到達紅海灘時,我說的第一句話是:“這紅海灘比我見過的還要美麗,怎麼會如此壯觀呢! ”如果您問我第一次來這裡時必須看哪一個,我會告訴您紅色沙灘絕對是我的首選。





1.在聖托里尼租車,每天租金低至25歐元,然後直接從機場,港口或您的酒店取車。通過租車,遊客可以按照自己的步調遊覽Red Beach和聖托里尼的許多其他景點。

2.和我一樣,從費拉(Fira)到紅灘(Red Beach)坐公共汽車。您可以乘坐Fira> Akrotiri路線的巴士。紅海灘距離酒店有10-15分鐘的步行路程。費拉(Fira)是島上中央巴士站的所在地。該巴士站與島上大部分地區之間有巴士連接。大約每1.5個小時就有一輛前往Akrotiri的巴士。



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