3 things that you should know about Paris’ stairs.

About Paris's stairs

“Why isn’t there an elevator in my apartment building? I have to walk up multiple flights of stairs!”

When you arrive at Paris, I believe you are take passion and full exciting to visit it; however, when you arrive at the accommodation after you got off a long flight, you think you finally can take a rest a little bit, but you will see lots of stairs before you get your room, your head will pop up this sentence “Why isn’t there an elevator in my apartment building? I have to walk up multiple flights of stairs!” 

This is the cry of the beleaguered traveler who is dismayed to find that they will have to carry heavy bags up several stairs before taking a well-deserved nap after a long flight. And now, I am going to tell you a bit of Paris’ stairs’s history.

當你到達巴黎時,我相信你會充滿熱情地參觀它; 但是,當你經過長途飛行後到達住宿地時,你會想你終於可以稍微休息了,但是在你到達房間之前,你會看到很多樓梯,你一定會冒出這句話:「為什麼我的公寓樓裡沒有電梯嗎? 我必須走多個樓梯!」

這是飽受折磨的旅行者的哀嘆,他們沮喪地發現,他們必須在長途飛行後打個頓睡之前,必須將沉重的行李抬上幾個台階。而 現在,我將告訴你一些巴黎樓梯的歷史。

1. Upward mobility and the social standing of stairs

Paris was a pretty dismal place in the mid-19th century. The medieval-era streets twisted aimlessly through dark, leaning buildings, and roads were often barely wide enough for one cart to traverse. In 1853, Napoleon III appointed George Haussmann to open, unify, and embellish Paris. The sweeping style and delicate filigree that characterizes Paris architecture today is largely a result of Haussmann’s work. With a new architectural order came a new social order, and the new buildings’ staircases were largely at the center of it.

巴黎在19世紀中葉是一個令人沮喪的地方。中世紀的街道漫無目的地蜿蜒穿過黑暗而傾斜的建築物,而且道路的寬度通常幾乎不足以使一輛手推車橫穿。 1853年,拿破崙三世任命喬治·豪斯曼(George Haussmann)開張,統一和裝飾巴黎。當今巴黎建築的典型風格和精緻的花絲在很大程度上是奧斯曼作品的結晶。隨著新的建築秩序出現了新的社會秩序,新建築的樓梯在很大程度上居於中心。

2. The art and personality of Paris stairs

Several centuries on from the practical motivations of George Haussmann’s stairs, Parisians have turned their staircases into an art form.

幾個世紀以來,由於喬治·豪斯曼(George Haussmann)樓梯的實用動機,巴黎人將樓梯變成了一種藝術形式。

The traditional Paris staircase is a set of functional steps in the traditional style without all the bells and whistles. This wooden staircase keeps it simple with a basic railing and wooden steps, but adds vibrancy and energy with its red paint and carpet. Large windows fill the space with light, and the twisting bannister is tempting to anyone who ever wondered what it would be like to slide down the whole thing.


3. why don't have elevator now?

Many people to Paris are surprised to discover that there are very few elevators in the city, even in the 21st century. Actually, now is more and more buliding have elevator, but not all of them. Also you have to know one thing which the elevator it’s much smaller than Asia elevator. The reason for this is that most Parisian elevators were installed decades after the building was built.


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