Outfit : It’s Coat Time!

Outfit : It’s Coat Time!

For many girl, winter might be one of the most challenging seasons to consistently wear winter outfits, which are both weather appropriate and figure flattering, but for me it’s not, that I finally can wear my favorite coat. 

2020’s style trend in Winter

7 style trends to know in Winter 2020

In years past, winter wear has been straightforward, emphasizing either comfort and warmth or glittery party attire, also from the leather to quilting to flashes of velvet, the key winter pieces are not never-been-seen, but novel circumstances mean the trends will be worn differently than in years prior, which norms are rapidly being redefined, and fashion must also continue to adapt to a new way of being.

Winter is my favorite season, for with the need to wear more, comes the scope for some sartorial creativity, which is why it is one of my favorite times of the year to get dressed.

[ Restaurant ] Naked in Taipei

[ Restaurant ] Naked Bistro in Taipei

“Naked Bistro” is an extension of the concept of “Naked Market”. After re-decorating in 2020, the owner decided to join a team of chefs from “Raw” and ”Roubuchon” to reopening, which the Raw is a restaurant that get 2 stars of Michelin in Taipei and the Roubuchon is the first one that get the 1 star of Michelin in Taipei, those both are fantastic restaurant in Taipei.